Developing a mobile application to support energy conservation and energy efficiency at home


With behavioural psychology and our energy scoring algorithms the enffi app makes energy use at home comparable and a social normative. It let's users easily connect behaviour to the energy bill and truly understand their efficiency level compared to others. This leads to sustainable behaviour changes and an enormous potential in energy savings - on an individual and societal level. enffi is an app for mobile phones and the web. With this app the user can scan their gas and electricity meters, see the change in energy consumption, get individualised advice for higher efficiency and socially compare the efficiency. Due to the deep use of gamification in the architecture the behaviour changes of the user are sustainable and the topic of energy efficiency becomes exciting. The comparison and competition works not only on individuals but in between groups, offices, retail stores and cities.

Project duration

September 2015  −  August 2016

Project management

Andreas Ernst

Project staff

Max Bohm
Gerrit Begher
Christoph Menzel