FORAM World Forum on Raw Material


The project “FORAM World Forum on Raw Materials” is an EU-based alliance of international partners and UN organisations to enhance the international cooperation on raw material policies and to set up structures for decision making processes. FORAM is led by the Swiss based World Resources Forum Association (WRFA) and supported by 11 additional leading organizations like EuroGeoSurveys, European Federation of Geologists, United Nations University, Leiden University, ESM/Matsearch, Gondwana Empreendimentos e Consultorias, Servicio Geológico Colombiano, MinPol GmbH and La Palma Research Centre for Future Studies. Three German organizations are completing the consortium: The Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources BGR, the Technical University of Clausthal and the University Kassel, represented by the Center for Environmental Systems Research CESR. CESR will contribute expert knowledge on criteria for assessing life-cycle-wide resource use of primary and secondary material resources, and the definition of metrics and indicators of each criterion. It will contribute to the development of a vision for a sustainable resource use and the selection of priority areas to be covered by FORAM.

Funding agency

Europäische Kommission, Horizon 2020 The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

Project duration

November 2016 − Oktober 2018

Project management

Stefan Bringezu

Project staff

Clemens Mostert


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