CIN­SaT Spring Col­loquium 2019

CIN­SaT uses in­ternal con­fer­ence for them­atic sharpen­ing of sci­entific pri­or­it­ies

As in previous years, the CINSaT invited its members to participate to the internal science colloquium taking place at the Ahorn Berghotel in Friedrichroda from 7.-8. March 2019. The annual colloquium is an important communication platform not only for current research within the focus topics, it also serves to discuss the further development of the focus topics and to plan coordinated joint projects. An important contribution to this is made by the PhD students in the individual departments who, through their contributions, fill the meeting with life and thus contribute to the creation of a broad discussion platform. The fact that this concept has a positive effect on the development of the scientific center was confirmed by the nearly 90 participants.

In addition to the warm welcome and opening by the head of CINSaT, Prof. Dr. Johann Peter Reithmaier, and the regular series of talks within the context of CINSaT’s research interests there was once again, after the introduction last year, an individual focus topic session under the guidance of the respective speaker. In smaller groups, ideas could be exchanged within these topics and plans for further cooperation could be forged. This was further strengthened by the possibility to switch between the individual sessions in order to gather suggestions for potential new collaborations and projects. The hike following the session in brilliant sunshine and relatively mild temperatures was used for further exchange and getting to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

The series of lectures, which were each initiated by a brief overview talk by the focus topic speakers and subsequently moderated, once again demonstrated the high quality of the contributions by the scientific staff of the participating disciplines and impressively demonstrated the success of the interdisciplinary cooperation within the center.

In addition, the lecture sessions were complemented by the two introductory talks given by Prof. Dr. Angelika Brückner-Foit (Faculty 15, Institute of Materials Technology / Department of Quality and Reliability) and Prof. Dr. Georg Mayer (Faculty 10, Faculty of Zoology) enriched and rounded off the CINSaT membership applications submitted in advance.

The evening poster session was a successful completion of the first day. The numerous research activities of the CINSaT were presented in an impressive and creative way on a total of 57 posters and provided an excellent basis for further discussions. As in the previous year, the end was deliberately left open so that there was plenty of time to exchange ideas and plan future collaborations.