At the University of Kassel as well as at the University of Applied Sciences Fulda, one staff member each supports the FoSS directorate as well as the spokespersons of the working groups in fulfilling their tasks and in organizing events as well as in further developing, consolidating and profiling the research network.

Participate in FoSS

All interested scientists from these six participating faculties, but also from beyond, can participate in the research network. For example, individual researchers from the Faculties of Humanities and Cultural Studies and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Kassel and from the Faculty of Economics (W) at Fulda University of Applied Sciences are currently also participating.

In case of professional proximity, there is also the possibility that scientists from other universities, representatives of associations or people from the social practice of the region get involved in the working groups. In this respect, the research association is not conceived as an exclusive circle, but rather sees itself as a permanent offer for all those who are interested in research on the subjects of social law and social policy. Just send us an e-mail if you are interested.

The professional work then takes place in working groups and cross-sectional working groups as well as in collegia and junior research groups, which cooperate interdisciplinarily and across universities. The topics and subjects of the working groups and cross-sectional working groups are not centrally determined, which makes it possible to initiate new working groups at any time.

Coordination University of Kassel

Katharina Weyrich, M.Sc.
Faculty of Human Sciences

University of Kassel
Arnold-Bode-Strasse 10
34127 Kassel /Germany

+49 561-804 3933

(Working days: Monday to Thursday)

Coordination University of Kassel: Read More

Coordination Fulda University of Applied Sciences

Nathalie Rothe, M. Sc.
Faculty of Health Sciences (GW)

University of Applied Sciences Fulda
Leipziger Straße 123
36037 Fulda

+49 661-9640 6417

Coordination Fulda University of Applied Sciences: Read More

Association for the Promotion of Research and Knowledge Transfer in Social Law and Social Policy e.V.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hänlein (Chairman)
Henschelstr. 2
34127 Kassel


Research Network for Social Law and Social Policy (FoSS) of the University of Applied Sciences Fulda and the University of Kassel

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  • Katharina Weyrich, M.Sc., Nathalie Rothe, M.Sc. and Henri Hofene LL.M.
  • The respective spokespersons are responsible for the individual report contents on the working groups.


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