AG Benyoucef

PD Dr. Mohamed Benyoucef

Research Area: Photonic Nanostructures and Optics

    Head of Group

Address: INA Kassel
Heinrich-Plett-Street 40
34132 Kassel

Phone number:+49-(0)561 804-4553
E-mail: m.benyoucef[at]physik.uni-kassel[dot]de


Jobs: Open Postdoc and PhD positions


Brief CV

02.1999-10.2002 Research assistant, Physics department at the University of Bristol (United Kingdom) 
03.2002 Graduation to Doctor (Ph. D) in Physics at the University of Bristol (United Kingdom)
2002-2003Research associate, Physics department at the University of Bremen (Germany)
2003-2005Research associate, Physics department at the University of Stuttgart (Germany)
2005-2007Research associate at the MPI for Solid-State-Research in Stuttgart (Germany)
2007-2010Head of optical spectroscopy laboratory at the IIN-IFW, Dresden (Germany)
2010-Academic staff "Head of Group", Physics, University of Kassel, (Germany)

Research interest

  • Quantum optics (non-classical light sources: single photon and entangled photons)
  • Single dot spectroscopy and Single molecules
  • Quantum interference and time-resolved spectroscopy 
  • MBE growth of semiconductor quantum dots on Silicon, InP, GaAs substrates 
  • Nanostructuring and site-controlled quantum dots
  • Coupling in semiconductor micro- and nanostructures
  • Cavity-QED and microcavity lasers

Selected publications