The research network Quantum Communication (Q.com) is a national cooperative project supported by the German Ministry of Eduction and Research (BMBF) focuses on investigating the concept of long distance quantum communication. Here the repeater amplifier of classical long distance communication links is replaced by a quantum repeater. Quantum repeater devices require components which are also essential for other applications of quantum information processing.

In order to construct a quantum repeater and establish a quantum technology with even farther reaching applications, a high level of integration of different underlying basic technologies is mandatory. The participants of the Q.com-research network from quantum optics (Q.com-Q), semiconductor physics (Q.com-H), and electrical engineering (Q.com-N) are continuing the efforts that were initiated during the project’s first funding period.

INA group is dealing with development and implementation of 1.55 µm wavelength range InAs QD on InP materials and NV centers in nanocrystalline diamond (NCD) as material platforms for quantum repeaters.The project is funded from May 2014 to April 2017.