Dr. Shweta Mishra holds the position as coordinator of the INCHER research area "students and graduates". Her research expertise includes the collection and analysis of social networks, of longitudinal data, multivariate statistics, as well as international comparisons - each focusing on education and health inequalities, especially among migrants. The theoretical background of her work lies in the theory of Structural Holes, Weak Ties, cultural capital, social capital, and Network Exchange Theory.

2012 Shweta Mishra has completed her PHD in social work (with a thesis on: "Cervical cancer screening practices of Hmong women: A Social Network Analysis) at the University of Minnesota, USA. In the following time she held a  post doc position at the Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare, University of Minnesota, for the MinnLink project. She holds a master's degree in Community Resource Management and Extension from the University of Delhi in India.

From December 2013 to November 2015, Shweta Mishra has worked as a research assistant for the EUROSTUDENT project at the Deutsches Zentrum für Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsforschung (DZHW) in Hannover, Germany.