Multiple competitions in teaching and research


This project aims to analyze and compare the state-induced competitions between universities in the area of research and teaching. At the level of participating universities, the German Excellence Initiative (Exzellenzinitiative) and the Pact for Teaching Quality (Qualitätspakt Lehre) will be analyzed with regard to possible interdependencies and decoupling. By analyzing the interrelations between these two competitions, the project differs from previous research and fills a research gap. The project focuses on the organizational level, while taking into account the impact on individual academic researchers and teachers. Empirically, comparative organizational case studies will be conducted. Here, concrete changes in the organizational and personnel structure will be the focal points for analysis. The project addresses questions on how universities position themselves in multiple competition, what dynamics unfold, and what consequences result. The project contributes to higher education research and science studies, but also to sociological research on competition and neo-institutional organization research.