HEIGLO (abgeschlossen 2005)


European Commission


  • 2003 - 2005


  • Prof. Dr. Ulrich Teichler
  • Karola Hahn

in brief

The International Centre for Higher Education Research Kassel participated in a major research project on internationalisation of higher education funded by the EU 5th Framework Programme for R&D. This multinational research project coordinated by the Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS), University of Twente, was funded with a substantial (near to 1M Euro) grant from the EU 5th Framework Programme. The European-wide research project focused on internationalisation trends in higher education and aimed at identifying and analysing higher education institutions' responses to the challenges of Europeanisation, internationalisation and globalisation and the (supra)national contexts, the organisational settings, and the policies and activities aimed to support this response.
In the first phase of the project, European and national policies for internationalisation of higher education in the various countries were analysed and compared. In the second phase, in each country five case studies were conducted of higher education institutions and their concrete responses to the challenges of internationalisation, Europeanisation and globalisation.
INCHER-Kassel mainly contributed to the project with a national update of the policy for internationalisation in Germany and German case studies of institutional responses.

Partners were:

  • Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies, University of Twente (Enschede) (coordinator)
  • Centre for Higher Education Studies (Institute of Education, University of London)
  • NIFU (Oslo)
  • CIPES (Porto)
  • Centre for Research in Higher Education at IFF (Vienna)
  • University of Athens

Project Output

Hahn, Karola (2004): Germany. In: Marijk van der WENDE und Huismann Jeroen (Hg.): On Cooperation and Competition. National and European Policies for the Internationalisation of Higher Education. Bonn: Lemmens Verlag (ACA Paper on International Cooperation in Education), S. 51.

Hahn, Karola; Teichler, Ulrich (2005): Internationalization Mainstreaming in German Higher Education. In: Akira Arimoto, Futao Huang und Keiko Yokoyama (Hg.): Globalization and Higher Education. Hiroshima: Research Institute for Higher Edcuation, Hiroshima University, S. 39.

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