A unique scientific centre is being created at the University of Kassel that will comprehensively address the challenges of sustainable development in the sense of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

The Kassel Institute for Sustainability

  • conducts research on sustainable development and transformation
  • communicates results and solutions
  • educates for the theory and practice of tomorrow
  • promotes the sustainability discourse
  • stimulates global dialogues and the further development of the SDGs

The Kassel Institute for Sustainability stands for:

  • 17 sustainability goals and up to 17 new professorships
  • Interdisciplinarity in teaching and research
  • Specialized courses with concrete and interdisciplinary sustainability relevance
  • Dialogue and networking with scientific and social actors
  • International orientation

With the new science centre, the University of Kassel is bundling the broad range of research and teaching related to ecological, economic and social sustainability that has already distinguished the university for years. Up to 17 new professorships will strengthen these specialist focal points and develop them further in diverse collaborations with the scientists at the University of Kassel. The core professorships for the corner topics of nature, technology, culture and society will be filled in 2022. The first scientific conference in September 2022 will launch the professional discussion at the Kassel Institute for Sustainability. The University of Kassel is currently developing new courses of study, characterized both by the addition of sustainability skills to existing courses of study and by an entirely new course of study.

The founding chairperson is the president of the university, Prof. Dr. Ute Clement.