Pro­ject A1

Cir­cu­lar di­chro­ism in elec­tron emis­sion of (partly) ori­ented chiral mo­lecules upon single-photon ab­sorp­tion

Goal of this project is to gain a deeper understanding of circular dichroism in the emission of electrons upon the absorption of a single photon. To this end we will use a COLTRIMS reaction microscope to systematically study how the spatial origin of the launched electron wave within the molecular potential affects photoelectron circular dichroism (PECD). In systematic studies, we will compare outer- and inner-shell ionization, especially the influence of non-dipole effects. We will search for PECD in the correlated two-electron emission. In a concerted effort of several groups in this CRC studying triangulane-molecules, we contribute by investigating electrons emitted from the valence shell.


Dr. Markus Schöffler