Project areas

Project area A

Project A1

Circular Dichroism in electron emission of (partly) oriented chiral molecules upon single photon absorption

- University of Frankfurt -

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Project A2

Optical tunneling in small chiral molecules – Multicoincidence and spin polarization studies of ionization of chiral molecules in short laser pulses

- University of Frankfurt -

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Project A3

Study and control of the coupled electron nuclear motion in chiral molecules with femtosecond resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization and photoelectron spectroscopy

- University of Kassel -

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Project A4

Dynamics of chirality explored via time-resolved photoelectron circular dichroism

- University of Kassel -

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Project A5

Coherent control of circular dichroism in ion yield after excitation of chiral molecules with tailored femtosecond laser pulses

- University of Kassel -

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Project A6

Cold atoms as ultrasensitive quantum sensors for chiral molecules

- University of Kassel -

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Project area B

Project area B

Project B1

Chiral discrimination by Coulomb explosion and photoelectron diffraction

- University of Frankfurt -

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Project B2

Enantiomer differentiation, separation, and precision studies using tailored microwave fields

- DESY Hamburg -

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Project B3

Internal dynamics of chiral molecules in the light of IR- and THz-radiation

- University of Kassel -

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Project B4

Controlled enantiomeric transformation with femtosecond laser pulses

- University of Kassel -

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Project area C

Project C1

Circular dichroism in the photoionization and decay spectra of spatially-oriented chiral molecules

- University of Kassel -

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Project C2

Photoionization dynamics in chiral molecules: Understanding electron correlation and maximizing chiral response

- Freie Universität Berlin -

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Project C3

Quantum control for enantiomer separation and purification

- University of Kassel -

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Project C4

Signatures of molecular chirality in the electron cloud

- University of Marburg -

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Service area Z

Project Z1

Tailor-made molecules

- University of Kassel -

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Project Z2

CRC Administration

- University of Kassel -

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