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New Pu­bli­ca­ti­on 27. May 2020

"Spectroscopy of short-lived radioactive molecules"

Nature 581, 396–400 (2020)

R. F. Garcia Ruiz, R. Berger, J. Billowes, C. L. Binnersley, M. L. Bissell, A. A. Breier, A. J. Brinson, K. Chrysalidis, T. E. Cocolios, B. S. Cooper, K. T. Flanagan, T. F. Giesen, R. P. de Groote, S. Franchoo, F. P. Gustafsson, T. A. Isaev, Á. Koszorús, G. Neyens, H. A. Perrett, C. M. Ricketts, S. Rothe, L. Schweikhard, A. R. Vernon, K. D. A. Wendt, F. Wienholtz, S. G. Wilkins & X. F. Yang

New Publication 27. May 2020: Read More

New pu­bli­ca­ti­on Ju­ly 22, 2019

"Link between Photoelectron Circular Dichroism and Fragmentation Channel in Strong Field Ionization"

Kilian Fehre,* Sebastian Eckart, Maksim Kunitski, Christian Janke, Daniel Trabert, Jonas Rist, Miriam Weller, Alexander Hartung, Lothar Ph. H. Schmidt, Till Jahnke, Reinhard Dörner,* and Markus Schöffler* 

New publication July 22, 2019: Read More

Mon­day - 03rd. Ju­ne - 15:15 hrs - HS 100 - Cam­pus HPS, Kas­sel

Prof. Dr. Siemeling
"Planar chirality in ferrocene chemistry"

Metallorganische Chemie
Universität Kassel

Mon­day - 27th May - 15:15 hrs - HS 100 - Cam­pus HPS, Kas­sel (Ko­pie 1)

Dr. Samuel Dawkins
"Recognition and Conversion of a Single Cold Chiral Molecule (Proposal)"

Dr. Daqing Wang:
"Examine Chirality using Light Forces and Matter-Wave Interference: a Proposal"

Experimental Physik I
Universität Kassel

Mon­day - 20th May - 15:15 hrs - HS 100 - Cam­pus HPS, Kas­sel

Dr. Gustavo Garcia
DESIRS Beamline Scientist
Synchrotron SOLEIL, France

“Recent physical and analytical insights on photoelectron circular dichroism at DESIRS“

Mon­day - 13. May - 15:15 hrs - HS 100 - Cam­pus HPS, Kas­sel

Dr. Caterina Vozzi
CNR-IFN, Institut for Photonics and Nanotechnologies, Milano

"Femtosecond chiral dynamics probed by core level spectroscopy"

Mon­day - 06. May - 15:15 hrs - HS 100 - Cam­pus HPS, Kas­sel

Prof. Dr. Holger Lyre
Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

"Handedness and the metaphysics of space: mirror symmetry, incongruent counterparts and parity violation"
("Metaphysik im "Handumdrehen": Spiegelsymmetrie, inkongruente Gegenstücke und Paritätsverletzung")

Mon­day - 29. April 15:15 hrs - HS 100 - Cam­pus HPS, Kas­sel

Dr. Stefan Buhmann
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

“Macroscopic quantum electrodynamics with chiral molecules: From discriminatory dispersion forces and energy transfer to photonic Bose–Einstein condensates“

Ar­ti­cle pu­blis­hed on March 8th, 2019

"Enantioselective fragmentation of an achiral molecule in a strong laser field"
K. Fehre, S. Eckart, M. Kunitski, M. Pitzer, S. Zeller, C. Janke, D. Trabert, J. Rist, M. Weller, A. Hartung, L. P. H. Schmidt, T. Jahnke, R. Berger, R. Dörner, M. S. Schöffler

Article published on March 8th, 2019: Read More

Re­porting for sci­en­ti­fic pu­bli­ca­ti­on

Alexander Blech

Sci­ence Slam

Alexander Blech, researcher in the CRC ELCH, was awarded second place at the Q-Science Slam 2019 in Stuttgart with his contribution "Spieglein, Spieglein".