SFB Young Re­searcher

Young Re­searcher Com­mit­tee

The Young Researcher Committee is a self-organized group of PhD students and forms a separate organizational unit within the Collaborative Research Center with voting rights in the CRC Executive Board. This group of young researchers organizes one retreat with international invited guests and external students in every funding period and has access to central funds. In addition, it can invite guest speakers for the CRC seminar and is involved in the organization of the social part of CRC events.

Members of the Young Researcher Committee

Doris Herberth (contact)
          Representative of the young researcher committee
          PhD student in the Laboratory Astrophysics group of Prof. Giesen, Kassel

Björn Waßmuth
          PhD student in the group Laboratory Astrophysics group of Prof. Giesen, Kassel

Alexander Blech
          PhD student in the group Quantum Dynamics & Control group of Prof. Koch, Kassel

Lutz Marder
          PhD student in the Functional thin films & physics with synchrotron radiation group of Prof. Ehresmann, Kassel

Eileen Döring
          Master student in the Laboratory Astrophysics group of Prof. Giesen, Kassel

Sergio Domingos
          PostDoc in the Molecular Spectroscopy group of Prof. Schnell, Hamburg

Mira Diekmann
          PhD student in the Theoretical Chemistry group of Prof. Berger, Marburg

Sven Grundmann
          PhD student in the Experimental Atomic Physics group of Prof. Dörner, Frankfurt

YR-Ex­change Month

The SFB-1319-ELCH is designed to promote young researchers on all career levels by financing insights into other international research groups in the form of a (one-month) exchange program.

  • If you are interested, please contact the SFB office (SFB-ELCH-mail) or the scientific manager (Tillmann Kalas) directly. 
  • The SFB will cover the costs for travel and accomodation

Pascal Stahl from the SFB-Project-B3 took this chance in the first year of the SFB (2018) and visited the workgroup of Prof. Dr. Melanie Schnell in Hamburg at DESY.

Experience report by Pascal Stahl: 

"As part of the SFB1319 scientific exchange program, I worked for one month in Melanie Schnell's research group (Link, Link) at DESY in Hamburg. I got to know the campus and worked in a new laboratory with new instruments and measurement techniques. For me, one of the most valuable aspects, both scientific and social, was the cooperation with the great people there.  Of course I learned a lot scientifically and gained a lot of helpful experience and knowledge for my own research. But it is not only about collecting scientific knowledge, but also about meeting and getting to know people from all over the world and making new friends. In addition, further collaborations in the constant exchange between the project groups were initiated. Thanks to the support of Melanie's group, I gained many new impressions at DESY and spent a very intensive and instructive time there. Therefore, I can only recommend every young scientist to use this great opportunity to make their own experiences in relation to science as well as to people."