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01/18/2021 | Publikationen

Do different generations of academics differ in their attitude towards academic societal engagement ?

A new publication by Schneijderberg et al. presents analyzes on the basis of APIKS-data: Schneijderberg, Christian; Broström, Anders; Cavalho, Teresa; Geschwind, Lars; Marquina, Monica; Müller, Lars; Reznik, Nicolas (2021): Academics’ Societal Engagement in the Humanities and Social Sciences. A Generational Perspective from Argentina, Germany, Portugal, and Sweden. In: Higher Education Policy.

Schneijderberg and colleagues are looking for intergenerational differences in how academics in different countries perceive the importance of societal engagement activities in the academe. Overall, they found no strong evidence that the current generation of  academics in higher education has very different attitudes to academics’ societal engagement than previous generations.

DOI: 10.1057/s41307-020-00218-6.