Gra­dua­te School

Ni­ne Uni­ver­si­ties - Four Con­ti­nents - One Gra­dua­te School

ICDD’s core programme for knowledge generation and dissemination is its Graduate School of Socio-Ecological Research for Development. In the period from 2010 to 2019, it offered a multidisciplinary research and education environment for more than 80 PhD and postdoc researchers, with PhD and postdoc projects being either rooted in the social or agricultural sciences.

Graduate School fellows are based at one of the ICDD’s partner universities in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Europe. At the same time they benefit from, as well as contribute to, the unique and innovative effort of the ICDD network, building a truly global postgraduate programme. Apart from providing a common core curriculum and international co-supervision, it enables vibrant collaboration in the fields of fellow exchange, joint research projects, and knowledge transfer.

Main Fea­tures

  • Close doctoral supervision by an international group of PhD supervisors
  • PhD and postdoc scholarships, funding for field research, and conference participation
  • Regular exchange possibilities for graduate school fellows within the ICDD network
  • Integration of fellows into the international scientific community of the ICDD network and beyond
  • Alumni network
  • Online courses


ICDD Graduate School

+49(0) 561 804-7395

The ICDD is not accepting new applications for PhD positions with scholarship at the moment. However, it is possible to apply for an Associate PhD fellowship, including doctoral supervision and institutional affiliation with the ICDD and its Graduate School, but no scholarship. In case you are interested in this option, please visit here.


  • ICDD PhD Toolbox
  • Seminars and workshops on theory, methods, decent work, and development
  • GLU Online courses
  • Workshops on practical problems of the PhD process
  • Weekly meetings for presenting and discussing research-in-progress
  • Financial and organizational support for self-organized workshops / conferences
  • Funding for fieldwork of PhD students and conference / workshop participation
  • Grants for publication of PhD theses
  • Support for publications


  • Amount to more than 70 PhD and 13 postdoc fellows (since 2009)
  • Come from more than 20 countries and all continents
  • Constitute a nearly gender-balanced group
  • Work mostly in academia, but also in policy research, inter- / national (N)GOs and consultancy after finishing the program

Hitherto no less than 37 candidates have acquired their PhD.

Post-Doc­to­ral Scho­lar­ships

In line with the recommendations of the mid-term evaluation, the ICDD has started to broaden its networking activities and action arenas by granting postdoctoral fellowships to selected former alumni and external applicants.