As­so­cia­te PhD Po­si­ti­on

In the framework of its Graduate School of Socio-Ecological Research for Development, the ICDD continuously invites PhD students, preferrably from ODA recipient countries, to apply for association with the ICDD and become a member of the ICDD Graduate School.

Associate PhD students of the ICDD Graduate School are based at an ICDD partner university and enrolled in its PhD programme. Apart from institutional affiliation with the ICDD, associate fellows can participate in the doctoral programme of the ICDD Graduate School, apply for field research as well as conference participation funds and get involved in the lively academic exchange within and various activities of the ICDD network.

Associate PhD fellows do not receive a PhD scholarship from the ICDD! Applicants must apply for third-party funding elsewhere and final acceptance for the ICDD Graduate School may be conditioned on the successful acquisition of PhD funding.

Ap­p­li­ca­ti­on Re­qui­re­ments

Ap­p­li­ca­ti­on Pro­ce­du­re

Applications can only be made by the ICDD committee, respectively the ICDD coordinator, of an ICDD partner university. Interested PhD students thus need to contact the ICDD committee/ coordinator of his/her university.2 If a partner university would like to associate a PhD candidate, it will propose this to the academic board and thereby provide the following documents:

  • detailed curriculum vitae (including the academic background, the list of publications [if applicable], professional experience, language skills, voluntary work);
  • PhD project proposal (about 2000 words, including topic, research question, short overview of the relevant literature, theoretical approach, research design and methodology);
  • certificates of completed studies;
  • letter of support from the ICDD coordinator or PhD supervisor, including a short statement on how the candidate's work fits to the ICDD thematic agenda.

The Academic Board of the ICDD will decide on the basis of these documents and the recommendations of two external reviewers on the admission of the applicant.


For further information, please contact the ICDD Graduate School staff:

phone: + 49 (0)561 804 7395 / Email: graduateschool[at]icdd.uni-kassel[dot]de