Pau­li­na Mar­tí­nez-Isidro

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Calle 71, Num 267. Floresta Residencial. Mérida, Yucatán. México CP97306


+52 1 999 173 1829


PhD Pro­ject Tit­le

The Philosophical Thought of The Mayan People on the Productive Processes of the Solar

Ab­stract of PhD The­sis

The philosophical thought of the Mayan people on the productive processes of the Mayan solar (home garden). The research has been developed in Yaxunah a rural village in Yucatán, México, a Mayan community and it was conducted by 86 interviews, face to face with inhabitants, particularly woman who are the “local culture” of the solar responsible. The research has the focus on the grounded theory methodology in order to identify the real forms of production on the solar, actors and indicators. Now, the field work is done, and the research is on-going through the qualitative analysis step. (According with the UADY’s PhD program). The PhD thesis is highly related to decent work: the women activities and social responsibility into the solar Maya: grow and harvest different crops, plants, trees as well poultries. The solar production contributes to the family food security and self-consumption, also the activities made by woman is consider knowledge heritage among daughters and sons, and the knowledge transmission form grandparents to sons. Expected results are that Mayan philosophical thought on the productive processes are over public policy programs, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) even religious beliefs, the Mayan ancestral knowledge: Moon phases, rain, solar energy, food for all, gods, wild animals, family, pests, and return to the earth (soil), that is, total production does not have a utilitarian vision and is for everyone, contrary to a utilitarian vision of the capitalist model.


Are­as of In­te­rest

Social indicators of production, social costs of projects, applications of grounded theory and rural studies

Edu­ca­tio­nal Back­ground

2009-2022PhD Candidate in Social Sciences, at University Autonomous of Yucatan
2012Master of Science in Business Planning and Regional Development, Technological Institute of Merida (IT-Mérida)
2005Bachelor of industrial engineering, Technological Institute of Merida, Yucatan


Pro­fes­sio­nal Ex­pe­ri­ence

2007-presentFull time professor in Facultad Ingeniería Química, UADY
2010-2016Coordinator of the Master program in Operations Administration / master’s in strategic Operations Engineering at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, UADY
2010-2016Coordinator of the Manufacturing Process Simulation Laboratory of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering
2010-2016Coordinator of the Graduate Monitoring Program of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, UADY



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