23rd to 25th November 2015: East African Network of Learning of Administrators (EANLA) Conference

The International Center for Development and Decent work (ICDD) has the pleasure to invite you to participate in the “East African Network of Learning of Administrators (EANLA)” Conference 23rd to 25th November 2015, which will take place at the University of Kassel, Germany. The EANLA project is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) within the DAAD Programme “Dialogue on Innovating Higher Education Strategies” (DIES). Read more about EANLA <link http: einrichtungen icdd research research-2009-2014 other-research eanla east-africa-network-of-learning-for-administrators.html>here.
We are welcoming representatives from German universities to meet and discuss issues in the administration of international third party funded research projects with over 18 Financial Administrators and Researchers from East African universities.
The conference participation has a fee of 100 Euros which coveres coffee during the conference, an official welcome dinner on Monday and lunch on Tuesday. You have to cover accomodation in Kassel on your own, but we are happy to provide assistance in finding accomodation. Our recommendation is <link http:>Hotel Deutscher Hof. 

  • <media 8214 - - "TEXT, EANLA Conference in Kassel Program 01, EANLA_Conference_in_Kassel_Program_01.pdf, 135 KB">Program</media>
  • <media 8213 - - "TEXT, EANLA Konferenzeinladung November 2015, EANLA_Konferenzeinladung_November_2015.pdf, 402 KB">Invitation for German participants</media>

<link https: forms d viewform>Register now for the EANLA Conference in Kassel, Germany, 23rd to 25th November 2015!

In case you have questions concerning the Registration process or conference, please contact:

Birgit Felmeden
Kleine Rosenstraße 1 - 3
34109 Kassel
Telephone +49 561 804-7391
E-Mail: felmeden[at]icdd.uni-kassel. de


Workshop at International University of East Africa, Uganda

04.08.2014 – 06.08.2014

The workhshop at IUEA deepened the understanding about the relations between the PI and the administration and added 11 Ugandan universities to the network.

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International University of East Africa, Uganda

  • Dr. Mohammed Menya
  • Petchiappan Subbiah
  • David Wasike

DAAD Nairobi

  • Margaret Kirai
University of Kassel, Germany
  • Birgit Felmeden
  • Simone Buckel
  • Florian Doerr

Egerton University, Kenya

  • Dr. Joseph Matofari
  • Antony Ndkunio
  • Ann Mootian

Makerere University, Uganda

  • Dr. Leah Sikoyo
  • Peter Mubiru
  • Oniaun Amio
  • Consolate Vomugisha
  • Maria Nakyewa

Mbarara University of Science & Technology, Uganda

  • Ronald Wafula
  • Dominique Musana

Busitema University, Uganda

  • Ronald Mutego
Islamic University in Uganda, Uganda
  • Mohammad Kawooya

African Rural University, Uganda

  • Brian Bamwirire

Nkumba University, Uganda

  • Andrew Kawenyera

Uganda Martyrs University, Uganda

  • Lydia Nankabriwa




06.05.2013 - 09.05.2013


Workshop at Egerton University, Kenya

18.11.2013 - 22.11.2013

The workshop at Egerton was an important step to expand and deepen the EANLA network activities to more than 15 universities in Kenya.

You can find a German press release about the workshop <link http: uni universitaet pressekommunikation publik-online aktuelles campus-details article erfolgreicher-workshop-erweitert-das-east-african-network-of-learning-of-administrators.html>here


University of Kassel, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. i.R. Gerd-Michael Hellstern
  • Birgit Felmeden
  • Florian Doerr
  • Christian Schreiner
Egerton University, Kenya
  • Dr. Joseph Matofari
  • Antony Ndukanio
  • Moses Ouma Odero
International University of East Africa, Uganda
Dr. Mohammed Menya
Makerere University, Uganda
Dr. Leah Sikoyo

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Science, Kenya

  • Loise Mwangi

Karatina University, Kenya

  • Grace Kakiya

Kenya Methodist University, Kenya

  • George Gichonjo

Kenyatta University, Kenya

  • Jackson Karugo

Moi University, Kenya

  • Anthony Nyakoni

Multimedia University of Kenya

  • Paul Henry Okoth

Presbyterian University, Kenya

  • Samuel Macharia Ndungu

South Eastern Kenya University, Kenya

  • Moffat Kamau Njoroge

Technical University of Mombasa, Kenya

  • Gaireth Kingi

Technical University of Kenya

  • Ben Sanda

United States International University, Kenya

  • Bonn Jonyo
  • Fred Kachilia

Administration and Finance Commission for Higher Education 

  • Linah Lilan

  • Perspectives and Future of the “East African Network of Learning of Administrators” (EANLA) - <media 8408 - - "TEXT, Formatted EANLA Program 2015.11.19 FD 01, Formatted_EANLA_Program_2015.11.19_FD_01.pdf, 463 KB">download program </media>
  • information booklet - <media 8409 - - "TEXT, Information Booklet 2015.11.16, InformationBooklet_2015.11.16.pdf, 3.2 MB">download</media>


  • Programme


  • Programme
  • <media 4313>Download PDF</media>
  • <media 4344 - - "TEXT, ICDD Input Presentation Section 1-4, ICDD_Input_Presentation_Section_1-4.pdf, 5.9 MB">Input Kassel University, All-in-one</media>
  • <media 4348 - - "TEXT, Egerton INPUT PRESENTATION, Egerton__INPUT_PRESENTATION.pdf, 2.3 MB">Input Egerton University</media>
  • <media 4350 - - "TEXT, Markerere Input Presentation, Markerere_Input_Presentation.pdf, 427 KB">Input Markerere University</media>
  • <media 4346 - - "TEXT, IUEA Input Presentation, IUEA_Input_Presentation.pdf, 320 KB">Input IUEA</media>
  • <media 4345 - - "TEXT, Hellstern Input Presentation, Hellstern_Input_Presentation.pdf, 2.3 MB">Input Prof. Dr. i.R. Gerd-Michael Hellstern</media>
  • <media 4347 - - "TEXT, Administration of third party funds Egerton, Administration_of_third_party_funds_Egerton.pdf, 740 KB">Adminstration of third party funds, Egerton University</media>
  • <media 4349 - - "TEXT, Case study 2013 Egerton, Case_study_2013_Egerton.pdf, 228 KB">Case studies, Egerton University</media>
  • Prof. Dr. i.R. Gerd-Michael Hellstern
  • Birgit Felmeden
  • Antje Skrabal
  • Alessandro Marcus
  • Melisa Manrique
  • Dr. Joseph Matofari
  • Antony Ndkunio
  • Moses Ouma Odero
  • Dr. Mohammed Menya
  • Umar Senyono
  • Dr. Leah Sikoyo
  • Peter Mubiru