Trans­na­tio­nal Tra­de Uni­on Co­ope­ra­ti­on in La­bour Mi­grant Sen­ding and Re­cei­ving Coun­tries as a Stra­te­gy to Pro­mo­te De­cent Work

Tran­s­­na­­ti­o­­nal Tra­­de Un­i­on Co­ope­ra­­ti­on in La­bour Mi­grant Sen­­ding and Re­ce­i­ving Coun­­­tries as a Stra­­te­gy to Pro­­­mo­­te De­­cent Work

Picture description: Hundreds march at the May Day March calling for immigration reform and worker rights


Year: 2013

Project Coordinators:
Prof. Dr. Helen Schwenken
Samia Dinkelaker

Research Cluster:
Instruments for Promoting Decent Work

Project's aims:
To base the promotion of this promising instrument on solid analytical grounds

Main Re­se­arch Ques­ti­on

Are transnational union‐to‐union co‐operations a viable strategy to promote the human and labour rights of (temporary) labour migrants?


The research cluster departs from the existing lack of labour migrants’ rights in temporary labour migration agreements. From the range of rights‐based strategies, one concrete approach is chosen for in-depth analysis: union‐to‐union agreements in sending and receiving countries. The project provides an overview of the agreements and their characteristics and further conducts detailed research for three cases in cooperation with trade unions in these migration corridors and Global Union Federations. The aim is to base the promotion of this promising instrument on solid analytical grounds. The research cluster is planned as a joint project with ILO‐ACTRAV.

Pro­ject's aims

The aim of the proposed research project and the expected contribution to the decent work agenda should be discussed elaborately.

  • examining one instrument (union‐to‐union partnerships) for the promotion and implementation of human and labour rights for (temporary) migrant workers
  • further establishment of the ICDD as a think tank/partner for the promotion of decent work
  • contributing to discussions on TLMPs in e.g. the UN High-Level Dialogue on Migration and Development (9/2013) and to the ILO discussion on labour migration (autumn 2013ff.)