M.A. Thesis Research Grant Program

For Social Sciences and Organic Agricultural Sciences

The International Center for Development and Decent Work (ICDD) offers five thesis research grants for students of Social Sciences and of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Kassel.

The grant is exclusively awarded for field research in <link https: www.bmz.de de zentrales_downloadarchiv ministerium oda dac_laenderliste_berichtsjahre_2018_2020.pdf>DAC* countries (this DAC list is relevant for the ICDD funding period 2020-2022) in preparation for a Master thesis and covers international travel costs (up to 800€) as well as a field research grant (500€) for up to three months.

The Thesis Research Grant Program supports students whose research contributes to the global fight against hunger and poverty as well as to the <link>ICDD's Research Agenda, which is organized around five thematic areas:

  • Decent Work along the Agricultural Value Chains
  • Organizing the Informal Economy
  • Extractivism and Rural Welfare
  • Rural-Urban Linkages: Transformation Processes, Livelihoods and Social Protection
  • Rethinking Development Cooperation

Application requirements

  1. <media 13042 - - "TEXT, 2020-17-02 MATRG Application Data Sheet new 2015, 2020-17-02_MATRG_Application_Data_Sheet_new_2015.doc, 76 KB">Application Data Sheet</media> (available on our homepage; please note that applications missing this document will not be revised)
  2. Cover Sheet
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. M.A. proposal including topic, research question, short overview of the relevant literature, theoretical approach, research design and methodology, time plan for field research and connection to “Decent Work” (5 pages)
  5. Recommendation letter from the supervisor
  6. Travel insurance that includes Medical Emergency, Repatriation and Associated Expenses

Application deadline is on April 1st, 2020. Applications with all necessary documents must be submitted per E-Mail on time to:
<link mail>Birgit Felmeden, Executive Manager

Call for Applications is closed now!