06.02.2021 | Veranstaltungen

View online: the author-meets-critics Event at LCSS, Dec. 14th, 2020

Recorded and now online: The author-meets-critics event "The University and the Global Knowledge Society" with authors David John Frank and John Meyer and critics Anna Kosmützky (LCSS) and Georg Krücken (INCHER-Kassel).

The author meets critics-event on "The University and the Global Knowledge Society" with David John Frank, John W. Meyer, Anna Kosmützky, and Georg Krücken, has been recorded and is now online: https://flowcasts.uni-hannover.de/nodes/keegg

David John Frank is professor of sociology at the University of California, Irvine, and the coauthor of Reconstructing the University. John W. Meyer is professor emeritus of sociology at Stanford University and the coauthor of Hyper-Organization and Science in the Modern World Polity. The critics were: Anna Kosmützky (professor at LCSS, Hannover) and Georg Krücken (Director of INCHER-Kassel); moderator: Julian Hamann (LCSS).