Could distance education help students through the pandemic?

Igor Asanov and Francisco Flores have been interviewed in the context of an article in a media outlet on the loss in school education during the pandemic in latin america.

The article quotes Igor Asanov as follows:

“We need to think more about ways to make distance education truly inclusive […] Obtaining this data is important to think about how to balance the quality of face-to-face with virtual teaching and thus be able to improve the quality of life of children and young people for the future ”. (Translation from the Spanish original)


Both reserachers from the University of Kassel were invited to be interviewed because of another study published together with McKenzie; Mensmann; & Schulte on the effects of the COVID-19 quarantine on Ecuadorian high-school students in World Development, Volume 138, February 2021, https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0305750X20303521