Brown-Bag Seminar: Researching academic skills and careers from ECR to professor: What job data tells us.

Dr. Lilia Mantai (The University of Sydney Business School, Australia)



In this session Lilia presents her published research on academic career progression and skills required in academia moving from Early Career Researcher to Professor drawing on big data of job ads. Together with a collaborator Lilia analysed the most prevalent and salient attributes listed in academic job ads across Europe and beyond to determine the most important skills and attributes in the 5 top-represented countries and disciplines of their sample, as well as changes by career stage and across the academic career lifespan. The insights inform policy and practice for institutional researcher development, academic capabilities framework development, HR and academic recruitment, and provide guidance to academics and those who advise them, to better plan and develop their academic careers. After the presentation participants are welcome to engage in an informal discussion, ask questions, prompt further thinking, etc. Lilia is keen to learn about the local context and academic career experiences in Spain as much as she is willing to share her research insights. 



Bring your packed lunch; tea and coffee will be provided by INCHER.

The lectures are planned as hybrid events. Attendance and Zoom participation only after prior registration (koch@incher.uni-kassel.de).
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For attendance, the Corona regulations of the University of Kassel apply.


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