08.11.2022 | Incher

In­vi­ta­ti­on to an ad­di­tio­nal brown bag se­mi­nar von "Eva­lua­ting the im­pact of an on­line self-help pro­gram for Ukrai­ni­an re­fu­gees"

On November 29th, 2022 we will offer an additional seminar (INCHER meeting room 4th floor) from 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm. Title: Evaluating the impact of an online self-help program for Ukrainian refugees.; presented by Anastasiya-Mariya Asanov (Noha)

As a part of an online self-help program for Ukrainians, we screen the mental well-being and psychological distress of 1165 refugees, migrants, internally displaced, and non-displaced people from Ukraine who seek psychological help online in Ukraine and across 24 countries of the European Union. We see that more than half of the respondents exhibit low levels of mental well-being and high psychological distress, with 81% at risk of depression and 57% having severe psychological distress. We also test if the self-administered, online self-help program helps Ukrainians cope with this high stress and improve mental well-being. Preliminary evidence suggests a limited impact of this self-administered, self-help online program on mental well-being and stress.

The lecture  is planned as hybrid event. Attendance and Zoom participation only after prior registration (
You will receive dial-in information close to the time of the respective lectures.