21.05.2024 | Forschung

SRHE blog on inclusion of students with disabilities by Shweta Mishra & Pascal Angerhausen

INCHER members Dr. Shweta Mishra and Pascal Angerhausen examine how individual accommodation creates barriers to the inclusion of students with disabilities.

Read it here: https://srheblog.com/2024/05/16/how-individual-accommodation-creates-barriers-to-the-inclusion-of-students-with-disabilities/

Individual assessment accommodation is a widely used instrument for inclusion of students with disabilities. It aims at reducing barriers and promoting equal participation, by taking into account the individual needs of a person. However, research in the joint project SuccessInclusive (ErfolgInklusiv) has shown that it can also create barriers and lead to new forms of exclusion. Pascal Angerhausen and Dr. Shweta Mishra argue in the blog by the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) that individual assessment accommodation may shift the responsibility to the individual and create an additional bureaucratic burden for students and university staff.