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05/16/2022 | Publikationen

A new article by Pedro Pineda & Shweta Mishra examines the evolution of the semantics of diversity in HE

Pedro Pineda and Shweta Mishra (2022): The semantics of diversity in higher education: differences between the Global North and Global South. In: Higher Education.

In this article, the authors examine the evolution and the flow of the semantics of diversity, i.e. the different meanings assigned to the term across regions by focusing on academic publications. Specifically, they aim to ascertain whether the spread of the semantics of diversity has been following a globalising and universalistic trend.

The analysis was conducted with bibliometrics and content analyses of semantic maps built on titles, keywords and abstracts
of 2378 academic publications from Scopus (2020). Such an analysis based on a current review of the literature on diversity in higher education expands the theoretical debates on the possible convergence of academic topics worldwide

Open Access in: Higher Education.