Fran­zis­ka Wol­pert

Curriculum Vitae

Since March 2018, Franziska Wolpert works as a scientific staff in the research group Social-ecological interactions in agricultural systems at the University of Kassel in Witzenhausen. She studied Geoecology at the University of Tübingen with a special focus in ecology, land use, nature conservation and sustainability.

Research Specialisations

Franziska's field of research is agroforestry as a social-ecological system. She is interested in the research of sustainable and regenerative systems and the drivers that lead to the establishment and preservation of those systems.

Specifically, she examines the land-use history of selected landscapes in the Mediterranean which are shaped by agroforestry (olives, sweet chestnuts and cork oaks), the drivers and their effects, to draw conclusions for the future and find possible leverage points to foster sustainable systems.

Additionally, she is planning to conduct research on fostering agroforestry in Germany.

Current Courses

Franziska Wolpert teaches "Landschaftspflege" which belongs to the module “Grünlandwirtschaft und Landschaftspflege” and supports teaching in the modules "Social-ecological analysis and management in agricultural landscapes" as well as "Agroforestry" and "Regenerative Landwirtschaft".