Ire­ne Holm Sø­r­en­sen

Curriculum Vitae

Irene is since September 2019 working as a researcher for the FDG-funded Landscape Chains linking places and processes for sustainability: Social-ecological dynamics and value chains of Mediterranean landscape products. In this she is studying how global and local value chains potentially can lead to sustainable landscape management. In 2018 she graduated as a MSc in Ethnobotany from the University of Kent, England. She also holds a MSc in Nature Management and a BSc in Landscape Architecture and Planning from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Research specializations

Irene's research interests are concerned with mapping biocultural diversity within and between communities. Combining participatory and visual methods to document and to pass stories on, she aims to build bridges of knowledge and experiences between the scientific community and the local communities she is working with. Her research topics have included agrobiodiversity in temperate mountainous areas, home gardens, nature conservation, restoration ecology, and environment and nature philosophy. Her research experiences come mainly from Europe and Scandinavia but within Landscape Chains she is now engaging with the Mediterranean and North Africa.