SFB-Retreat (virtual) Sept.2020

SFB Virtual Retreat 2020

Date: August 31th till September 2nd
Time: 09:00 to 18:00

Information Updated

2020-08-30 // 20:29:55
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We planned a Retreat for end of August/ beginning of September but didn't go through with it because of the Corona pandemic. So we decided to host the Retreat 2020 as a Virtual Retreat using Online Meeting Software (e.g. ZOOM / DFN .. ). 

Like the last Retreat 2018 we will give room for Progress Report Talks from every SFB-Project, as well as Virtual Poster Session(s). We are still testing and thinking about how we can establish the not-so-straight-forward presentation modes (Poster Session / Socializing Event) . 

The virtual Retreat will take place from
August 31th till September 2nd
in the time roughly
from 09:00 till 18:00

How to attend & technical implementation

We will use several zoom meetings to communicate and present our work.

As unfortunate as it is: ZOOM is the only company which we can use to legally gather such a large group of people with stable video and screen sharing capabilities.

As a presenter: Please install the zoom client (for every platform) since it will be capable to run with better results. You will be prompted to install the client when you try to join for the first time (use https://zoom.us/test as a test)

As a listener: Still installing the zoom client is recommended but you are also able to use the browser instead (recent version of firefox or chrome). (test it via https://zoom.us/test)


Slides from the talks als well as the posters from both poster-session can bei found in ELCH-Internal

Registration ...

... of talks
>> 15 min (10min presentation incl. 5min Q&A)

... of posters
>> everyone is encouraged to show her/his research

Please register until 24th August!

Program - Day 1 - 31. Aug.

Pro­gram - Day 2 - 1. Sept.

Pro­gram - Day 3 - 2. Sept.

Monday Posters

SurnameMonday poster titleProjectRoomMeeting ID
VasudevanPhotoelectron circular dichroism of chalcogene-substituted fenchone molecules using near UV femtosecond laser pulsesA3 BaumertRoom 1944 4104 6181
WitteCircular Dichroism after Resonance Enhanced Multi-Photon IonizationA5 BaumertRoom 2988 2358 2228
AullFabry-Perot Cavity for Short-Term Laser StabilizationA6 - SingerRoom 3985 1669 0001
DöringInfrared Fourier-Transform Spectra of Selected Gas-Phase Chiral MoleculesB3 GiesenRoom 4961 7064 6515
KutscherPhotoelectron Circular Dichroism of Fenchone Induced by Broadband Laser PulsesC1 DemekhinRoom 5927 1470 8704
NovikovskiyCircular dichroism in the photoionization and decay spectra of spatially-oriented chiral moleculesC1 DemekhinRoom 6948 0465 3872
DiekmannRotational Energy Levels and Tunnelling Splittings in Four-Atomic SystemsC4 BergerRoom 7985 4591 8096
WangFar-field matter-wave interferometry of chiral moleculesJunior projectRoom 8991 5765 2025
KarginSynthesis and Analysis of Chiral Compounds (recent investigations)Z1 PietschnigRoom 9929 8971 8633

Wednesday Posters

SurnameWednesday poster titleProjectRoomMeeting ID
Küstner-WetekamAbsorption spectrometer and VMI for high kinetic energiesA4 EhresmannRoom 1944 4104 6181
IlchenSite specific interrogation of dissociating chiral molecules via free-electron lasersA4 EhresmannRoom 2988 2358 2228
SinghInfluence of chiral tagging on internal motions: CP-FTMW study of alpha-methoxy phenylacetic acidB2 SchnellRoom 3985 1669 0001
PinachoChirality of large (for rotational spectroscopy) clustersB2 SchnellRoom 4961 7064 6515
TikhonovInducing chirality in planar molecules: an experiment proposal for COFClB2 SchnellRoom 5927 1470 8704
LaddaTowards PECD measurements in the deep UVB4 SenftlebenRoom 6948 0465 3872
HegerGrid based TDCI for helium in chiral environmentsC2 Koch/ReichRoom 7985 4591 8096
    991 5765 2025
    929 8971 8633