06.10.2011 | ITeG

18.10.2011 Wolfgang Maass: Pattern-Based Approach for Designing with Diagrammatic and Propositional Conceptual Models

Wann und wo: Donnerstag, 18.10.2011 um 9 Uhr, ITeG-Konferenzraum 233, 2. Stock, Wilhelmshöher Allee 64-66, 34121 Kassel

Professor Wolfgang Maass
Professor of Information and Service Systems,
Department of Law and Economics, Saarland University

The class of Ubiquitous Information Systems (UIS) has recently gained
attention but is governed by ad-hoc methods, e.g. “wild-west” prototyping.
UIS require design approaches that keep a holistic view of situations in
which single users and groups interact with one another and with accessible
services. A conceptual modeling approach for Ubiquitous Information Systems
(UIS) is presented as a central part of a UIS design methodology. Three
conceptual models are used for step-wise derivation of machine-executable
design models for distributed service infrastructures: narratives,
pattern-based diagrammatic conceptual models (Pre-Artifacts), and formalized
propositional conceptual models.