20.07.2018 | ITeG

Best Paper Award for Clara Heissler and Sandra Ohly from the Academy of Management 2018

The Academy of Management 2018 Best Paper Award was awarded to: Clara Heissler and Sandra Ohly for their paper "When Thinking about Work Makes Employees Reach for their Devices. A Cross-lagged Panel Diary Study", Academy of Management Proceedings, Chicago, USA, 2018.

"Best Papers" are approximately the top 10% of accepted papers as designated by the Program Chair of each division/interest group.

The AOM 2018 takes pacle from August 10-14, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The AOM 2018 Theme is: Improving Lives.

Clara Heissler and Sandra Ohly belong to the Business Psychology Group at ITeG Research Center. Both were working in the LOEWE Research Cluster "Social Link", where researchers from different disciplines were doing research on work-life balance in the age of the internet.

Link to the abstract of the awarded paper: