12.12.2020 | Publikationen

New publication on Covid19 pandemic and social characters

Seidenschnur, Tim (2020): A typology of social characters and various means of control. An analysis of communication during the early stages of the corona pandemic in Germany. In: European Societies, pp. 1–19. DOI: 10.1080/14616696.2020.1857422.

Tim Seidenschnur argues that the corona crisis has produced a set of social characters  representing different approaches toward control. Social characters emerge as constructs responding to current discourses, and may serve as role models in uncertain times and offer orientation. The paper identifies such characters by looking at the communication on the online platform Jodel. The study reconstructs at set of social characters which also display different approaches to how the crisis could be controlled. With this research the author contributes to research on the role of discourses in modern European societies and on how these discourses contribute to different approaches to controlling a crisis.

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