Festive Opening of the INCHER Graduate School

The international scholarly environment at INCHER offers unique opportunities for prospective doctorate holders. In order to intense and broaden their training, and to foster their academic and personal interaction INCHER decided to establish a Graduate School. The official start marked a ceremony on February 3rd in the “Gießhaus” of the University of Kassel.

Professor Guido Bünstorf at his opening speech

February 3rd 2022. Structured doctoral programs are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. These programs offer intensive doctoral training and support that go beyond individual supervision. This typically includes an especially designed curriculum. Moreover, being part of a network of young researchers, provides many opportunities for academic and personal exchange.

The International Centre for Higher Education Research (INCHER) at the University of Kassel offers a perfect setting for such a structured program. The international scholarly environment at INCHER and the presence of researchers from various disciplinary backgrounds and career stages form a tangible interdisciplinary research community – a “visible college” – offering opportunities for interaction and exchange to INCHER’s doctoral candidates and young professionals.

The "festive opening" of the INCHER Graduate School took place at the University of Kassel on February 3, 2022. Professor Dr. Guido Bünstorf (University of Kassel/INCHER) who moderated the event highlighted mentorship, an early career publication award and certification as special characteristics of the programme. He said: "The Graduate School is still a promise - let's turn it into a success story".

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