IMPACT Closing Conference: “CONVERSING WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Implications for Communication, Relationship Building and Understanding”
March 06-07, 2023 at the AXICA Congress and Convention Center in Berlin.
Virtual participation is possible!

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IMPACT (The implications of conversing with intelligent machines in everyday life on people´s beliefs about algorithms, their communication behavior and their relationship building) is a four-year interdisciplinary research project that is funded by the Volkswagen-Stiftung  through the initiative “Artificial Intelligence and the Society of the Future”. The focus of the research has been the question of how increasingly common conversations with intelligent machines will influence a) people´s mental model of the system depending on its transparency, b) the human communication culture and c) human relationship building. The research questions cover transparency (what effects emerge when humans communicate with a "black box" for which they have no mental model?), communication (does the fact that the machine is always at people´s service and the user does not need to be polite when talking to machines lead to a brutalization of human dialogue culture?) and relationship building (what kinds of relationships and dependencies develop over time and will they partly be preferred over human-human relationships?). From the University of Kassel, ITeG research center, Professor Roßnagel and Dr. Geminn and the provet research group have been involved in the project.
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