24.01.2024 | Incher | Publikationen

Soziale Welt Special Issue on Career Paths Inside and Outside Academia contains four articles by INCHER members & co-authors

Frerk Blome, Guido Buenstorf, Ester Höhle, Anne Otto, Maria Theissen, and Oliver Wieczorek are authors in a Special Issue on "Career Paths Inside and Outside Academia" edited by Gross & Jakztat. Their contributons focus on employment trajectories; fixed-term employment relationships and intentions to leave, forms of collaboration in sociological research; mechanisms of social mobility using the example of academic careers.

Topic of the Special Issue: The scientific workforce is considered key to the innovative capacity of modern economies and central to society's ability to solve current problems and avert future ones. For many reasons, the career prospects the German academic system offers young researchers are difficult to plan. The special issue aims to understand the social mechanisms behind the career decisions, prospects and paths of university graduates within and outside academia. It sheds light on employment trajectories and monetary returns, the embedding of careers in private and professional social networks and academic recruitment processes. The articles in this special issue show the latest state of research in a dynamic field of research.

Among the several contributing autors are theINCHER members Frerk Blome, Guido Buenstorf, Ester Höhle, Anne Otto, Maria Theissen, and Oliver Wieczorek.

The Special Issue is openly accessible:

Bartsch, Simone; Buenstorf, Guido; Theissen, Maria (2023): Are Employment Trajectories of STEM Doctoral Degree Holders Gender-Specific? Evidence from a Large German Technical University. In: Christiane Gross und Steffen Jaksztat (Hg.): Career Paths Inside and Outside Academia. Soziale Welt (Special Issue; 26): Nomos, pp. 89–129.

Ester Höhle (2023): Fixed-term employment and leaving intention. An analysis of junior academics across Europe, pp. 169–206.

Wieczorek, Oliver; Schmitz, Andreas; Volle, Jonas; Khulan, Bayarkhuu; Münch, Richard (2023): Types of Collaboration and the Consolidation of Sociological Research. Evidence from publications in five German sociology journals 2000–2019, pp. 239–279.

Blome, Frerk (2023): Mechanisms of Upward Social Mobility. A qualitative analysis of class-specific careers in law and educational science, pp. 372-406.