C11 - System Integration

Host: University of Innsbruck
Date: February 4th to 7th, 2014

The aim of the course on system integration was to show the interaction of different elements in a solar thermal system. The topics included components, guidelines, characterization, analysis of applications, hydraulics, control systems, dimensioning and optimization, design exercise and an excursion to built examples. The different elements were solar collector, solar loop and its components, storage, auxiliary heater, building and space heating system, domestic hot water demand, the climate and the control system. The course gave insight in how to optimize these elements with respect to their function in the system. “Very good components can be put together to a very bad system”.

The students could check that a simpler solution can most of the times improve the system  without adding new components. In this case they could see that was enough to slightly change the system setup and a few controls, for example, a valve was moved to another position to enable cold water pre-heating or heating DHWC depending on the storage temperature.

Another update that was shown was demounting a wrong connection between DHWC supply and return pipes (and thereby the safety valve). Thermosyphoning in pipes from storage to solar heat exchanger also needed to be fixed.

Dates and activities

Monday  3rd FebruaryKick-off Meeting of SHINE.
Tuesday 4th FebruaryDifferent option tours (f. ex. TISUN, SICO or PV plant in the mountains).
Wednesday 5th FebruarySeminar on System Integration.
Thursday 6th FebruarySeminar on System Integration.
Friday 7th FebruarySeminar Computational Thermal Engineering & roundtrip through the labs of UIBK.
Saturday & Sunday / 8th & 9th FebruaryVoluntarily mountain tour.

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A-6020 Innsbruck
Tel: +43 512 50763650