Workshop: Softskills

The SHINE project offers three courses on “soft skills”. All courses are conducted by “Golin Wissenschaftsmanagement”, an agency specialized in the field of international PhD education.

“Getting started with a PhD”

Host: Lyngby (DK)
Date: May 22nd – 23rd, 2014


  • Developing objectives
  • Setting the course, priorities, milestones
  • Self assessment and evaluating objectives
  • Additional qualifications needed
  • Aligning objectives with the supervisor
  • My next steps …

The workshop covered all stages a PhD-student could face during his/her project. The one and a half days course was consistently exciting.

“Project management and leadership competencies”

Host: Universitat de les Illes Balears
Date: March 31st to April 1st, 2015

During the workshop the participants familiarized themselves with the most important project management methods and instruments.

The following topics made up the core of the workshop:

  • Basics of project management: From design to completion of a project
  • It is all about direction: Setting objectives for my projects
  • How to handle the unforeseen: Strategies for dealing with difficulties
  • Projects in the higher education sector: What are the idiosyncrasies of academia?
  • Strengthen your strengths! How can I exploit the strengths of my project?
  • Stakeholder analysis: Where do I find support for my project?
  • Project management: My next steps

This course for young professionals was conducted by Simon Golin, the head of the agency. Mr. Golin provoked collective participation in a very natural way. The students learned a lot from the presenters experience in the field of project management and leadership. The course was perceived as highly interesting among the participating students.