Gender in Academia

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The University of Kassel strives to achieve an academic and university culture that is sensitive to gender and diversity. To this end, it promotes women’s, gender, and diversity studies as well as the integration of results from gender studies to improve the quality of teaching and research in all subjects. The “Gender in Teaching” and “Equal Opportunities Consulting” projects are administered by the Equality Unit.


Gender in Teaching

A project to implement and raise awareness of gender and diversity in teaching.

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Equal opportunities consulting

Results of the research project "Equal opportunity perspectives on the scientific system of the University of Kassel.

Equal opportunities consulting: Read More

Women’s and gender studies

Women’s and gender studies have a long tradition at the University of Kassel and are a distinguishing feature of the university. Since 1987, academics have been collaborating in the interdisciplinary working group Women and Gender Studies (IAG FG). The IAG FG implements the interdisciplinary study programme for women’s and gender studies. It offers students the opportunity to combine perspectives and methods from different disciplines for analysing gender relations.


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