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House font Univers

Univers , developed by the Swiss Adrian Frutiger, was published in 1957. The logo is based on it and it should be used for all texts that are directly related to the logo: Title pages, letterheads, business cards and the like. The "Univers" font is used for the realization of printed matter, especially for elaborately designed publications (posters, brochures, yearbooks, printed letter templates).

Font view

Symbol image
House font Univers

Starting from the regular cut (Univers 55), all others are derived (narrow or wide running, normal or italic, different line widths).

  • Univers 55 Regular
  • Univers 56 Regular Italic
  • Univers 65 Bold
  • Univers 66 Bold italic
  • Univers 57 Condensed
  • Univers 67 Bold Condensed

Arial and, additionally, Lucida sans Unicode in the university administration area are considered substitute fonts.

The house font is offered to university members in Univers LT Pro in three weights.

  • Univers LT Std 45 Light (bold)
  • Univers LT Std 55 (roman)
  • Univers LT Std 55 (italic)

The Condensed Cut is not available.

The University of Kassel has only a limited number of licenses.

Conditions for obtaining the font free of charge:

  • You are a member of the University of Kassel.
  • You have a valid e-mail address
  • You need a RECHNER Inventory Number of the University of Kassel to install the font.
  • You have the order to publish print products for the presentation of the University of Kassel.
  • You must agree to the End User License Agreement (by confirming your acknowledgement on the order form)

Order Form

House color HKS 28

The red corporate color of the University of Kassel has the designation HKS 28 as its printing color. It is the central identifying feature of the university and should be used consciously in this sense. The corporate color was derived from the HKS system and is alternatively defined in CMYK. It can be used both as a spot color or in CMYK printing.

Color sample
All colors at a glance

House color

  • HKS 28 - CMYK 20|100|40|0 - RGB 199|16|92

Basic colors

In addition to HKS 28, there are two variations of the corporate color

  • HKS 28 + K30 - CMYK 20|100|40|30 - RGB 154|12|70
  • HKS 28 20% - CMYK 4|20|8|0 - RGB 243|216|221

Three complementary shades of gray

  • K80 - CMYK 0|0|80 - RGB 87|87|87
  • K50 - CMYK 0|0|50 - RGB 157|157|157

  • K20 - CMYK 0|0|20 - RGB 218|218|218

Supplementary colors

As a further supplement in four-color printing and on the web, there are five additional colors. Rasterization in 40% is possible:

  • Dark green - CMYK 87|50|84|61 - RGB 21|56|36
  • Light blue - CMYK 65|25|0|10 - RGB 80|149|200
  • Yellow green - CMYK 31|0|96|0 - RGB 196|210|15
  • Light green - CMYK 65|0|45|10 - RGB 74|172|150
  • Golden yellow - CMYK 0|20|60|10 - RGB 234|195|114

Color modes: RGB colors are used exclusively for display on the screen or in office products. CMYK colors are used for printing.

Adobe color library file for Uni Kassel colors [internal].

Integration in Adobe: Procedure in Photoshop: window/color fields/replace color fields/upload "Uni_KS_Colors.ASE" (color field replacement.(*ASE) select as file extension)


The use of a line is optional.
Basic rules:
There must always be at least one corner, one horizontal and one vertical line stretch.
The lines never end openly, but always go into the indentation.
No logos or text blocks are placed next to line beginnings or ends.
Lines never go over typography or into the protective space of the logo.
The angles are always 90° and the line parts are parallel to the page edges.

Line example