The UniAccount is the central access point for the data processing services of the University of Kassel. It offers an email account and personal storage area. Students require the UniAccount to create up timetables or to register for examinations. In addition, the UniAccount is required in order to take part in the data net of the University or work at one of the many computer work stations of the computer pool of the ITS (IT Servicezentrum). In short, almost nothing can be done any longer without the UniAccount. The UniAccount is administered by means of the so-called User Identity Management (IDM), which makes it possible to activate the account, change the password and create an email address account. Every member of the University, whether student, non-academic or academic staff, is entitled to access of this sort. Students are assigned an account automatically when they matriculate; all others have to apply. Further information about your UniAccount can be found on the following web pages.

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Step 1 (for employees, guests etc): Apply for a new UniAccount

To be able to use the data processing services of the University you need a UniAccount. Students are assigned an account automatically when they matriculate; all others have to apply. You will receive the registration information by post or email after your application has been processed. You will then have to activate your account.

University Staff

Complete the Form for Non-Students and send it to:

IT Servicezentrum

Universität Kassel

Mönchebergstraße 11

34109 Kassel

Holders of a UniCard

As a holder of the UniCard you are entitled to a UniAccount. You can obtain a Guest-Account (Gast Account) on request. Please bring an ID with photograph and the UniCard to Room 1740a in the ITS.


To be able to obtain a UniAccount as a guest, a University staff member has to set up an account application for you, as described above in Point 1.

Enter as function Gast (Guest); the form is to be fully completed and signed by both parties.

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Change password

Before you change your password, please read the information on the subject of Passwortsicherheit (german for: Password Security).

All passwords expire after 180 days. Before the expiry date passwords have to be renewed. They are maintained in Identitätsmanagement (IDM, german for: User Identity Management). Every user receives a total of 5 emails advising that the password expiry date is imminent.

After this period of 180 days there are still six 'grace logins' to change a password. Each login to use the services of Kassel University (portal, Moodle or WLAN/VPN) is a grace login that will be subtracted from the total number. When these grace logins have been exhausted, no further login is possible. After these logins have been exhausted, please call the ServiceDesk under the following number: +49 561 804 - 5678.

The password (like other settings) can be changed in a simple and secure way:

  • Log in with your UniAccount and the corresponding password.

Sie möchten neues Passwort von zu Hause setzen und es geht nicht, dann bitte über die VPN-Verbindung in das UniNetz einwählen und neues Passwort setzen.

Screenshot Anmeldung

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  •  Please click Change Password.

Screenshot Startseite, Passwort ändern rot umrandet.

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  • It opens a new window. You will be asked for your current password. Please enter it and click Next.

Screenshot Passwort ändern, aktuelles Passwort, Weiter.

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  • Now you can create your new password according to the guidelines described above. Confirm the new password again and click Change Password.

Screenshot Passwort ändern, Neues Passwort, Passwort bestätigen, Passwort ändern.

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  • The password change may take several minutes.

Screenshot Bitte warten, das Passwort wird geändert.

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  • Your password was changed successfully.
  • ClickNext and be redirected to the homepage.

Screenshot Passwort wurde erfolgreich geändert.

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  • The new password is effective immediately for (almost) all services. For technical reasons it may take up to 90 minutes for the new password to become effective in the email service and network drives (Samba).

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Forgot Password?

If you have forgotten your password, please contact the IT helpdesk.

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Requesting renewal

You received a note that your account is about expire, but you are still in need of it? Please fill out the following form for requesting an account ( just fill the box "renewal" rather than "new application").

The processing of your request will only take a few days. After the process is completed, there usually will not be a seperate notification to inform you. You can check the process  and new expiration date via the user-app.

Important note: make sure your cost center administrator has signed the form!

The form for extention of an account does not refer to secondary accounts. They have to be extended via a different process. You will find further information on that under "secondary account".

Delete or Transfer UniAccount

Most UniAccounts are automatically deleted according to fixed rules. This applies in particular to accounts of students. But if - for whatever reasons - you have one or more UniAccounts which you no longer require (e.g. a function account), there is a regulated procedure by which you can transfer this UniAccount to another person or have it delete.

You would like to have an UniAccount deleted

If a UniAccount is deleted, all data connected with it are also deleted: emails, email addresses, websites, files stored in the HOME file system etc. To initiate the deletion process please submit a completed and signed Form for the Deletion of a UniAccount at ITS.

IT Servicezentrum Universität Kassel
Mönchebergstraße 11
34109 Kassel

You will be informed by email of the deletion if you provide an email address that is independent of the UniAccount to be deleted.

You would like to transfer a UniAccount to another person

If you would like to have a UniAccount transferred to another person, because for example one of your duties has been transferred to this person, please submit an Form the Transfer of a UniAccount, completed and signed by both persons, to the ITS:

IT Servicezentrum Universität Kassel Mönchebergstraße 11 34109 Kassel.

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