Administration of exams

In the examination registration you can register for/ deregister exams (not to be mistaken with courses). There you have access to a report which lists all of your enrolled and completed exams.

Regarding registration and deregistration you need to consider the deadlines set by the respective faculties.

Apply for exams

Under My Functions choose Administration of exams.



Menu: My Functions

For re- or deregistration of exams within the respective deadline click on ´Apply for exams (withdraw from exams)´.

For confirming the information on the registration process check ´I accept´.

Important information on the registration process:There is a limited number of attempts to take an exam.

Pick the corresponding exam you want to apply for.

Overview of lectures: Apply for exams

Confirm application with ´yes´.

Confirm you registration/ deregistration of an exam.
Please wait while your request is being processed.

Confirmation: In order to assure yourself that your registration was successful it is very important to consider the columns Activity and Status.

Status of your registration/ deregistration

From here you can directly switch to the overview of registered exams.

Deregistration of exams

Pick the button ´Apply for exams´, then choose the corresponding exam and press ´cancel registration of exam´.

Deregistration of exams: Pick the exam to be cancelled from the list of lectures.

Confirm deregistration with ´yes´.

Cancel registration of exams.

Check confirmation. Additionally, you can directly switch to the report of registered exams. The cancelled exam is no longer listed there.


Information on registered exams

To show an overview of registered exams click under the section ´Administration of exams´ on ´Info on exams (internships)´.

Menu: Administration of exams, Info on Exams (internships)

Overview of registered exams

Overview: Info on Exams (internships)

Exams extract

Under ´Administration of exams´ click on ´Exams Extract´.

Menu: Administration of exams; Exams extract

If there are several subjects listed, you can choose between a single view and a multiview mode (first cursor). 

Exams extract
Exams extract overview

If you click on the ´PDF´-button, you create a PDF document which lists all registered as well as passed/ not passed exams. You can store this document as a local file on your PC.

PDF-compendium of all achievements