Q-Pilot Software

General requirements

Your system must either be part of the university's network, be integrated into the university's WLAN via Eduroam, or have a VPN connection to the University of Kassel's network.

For the correct function, the following ports must be enabled in a possibly existing firewall from the inside (i.e. in the secured network) to the QPilot server server01.printcenter.verwaltung.uni-kassel.de (currently

  • 632 TCP
  • 631 TCP
  • 515 TCP
  • 37200 TCP
  • 37201 TCP

Furthermore, no service may occupy TCP port 515 - under Windows the "TCP/IP print server", under Linux e.g. lp or cups. If this is the case, disable them if you do not need them. If this is not possible, please see below under "Linux". Click here for the installation process.