How to apply for a UniAccount?

The holder of a UniAccount can use it for a number of services provided by the university.
The process of application varies according to the group you belong to:
Students, employees, other members of the university
Students need a matriculation-number for the activation process, employees need a employee-number (SAP). Other persons, who don't fall under these categories, will be send an activation code.
The Step-by-step process is explained here:
If you do not have an activation code but a beginning-password, please go to "other members" further down on this site and follow the instructions.
Citizens University (Bürgeruniversität), former UniCard
If you want to apply to the Citizens-University (Bürgeruniversität), please contact the Department UniKasselTransfer (UKT). You will receive your UniAccount through them. More information can be found on the website of the Bürgeruniversität.
Other members
If you are a guest or in a teaching position without an employee-number you have to apply for an UniAccount by filling out the form "UniAccount Request" and send it to:

Universität Kassel
IT Servicezentrum
Mönchebergstraße 11
34109 Kassel

Please note, that it's important that both parties sign the form. Please fill in your occupation/your function within the university (for example "teaching assistent"). The informations for activating your UniAccount will be send via E-Mail or through the postal service.

How to change your password

Before you change your password, please note the guidelines.
All passwords have to be renewed after 180 day. To change the password, you have to log into the Identity Management. Every user receives three emails before that deadline as a reminder. After the 180 days there will be six grace logins to change the password (this includes the login for other university-platforms like moodle, vpn, etc. !). After the grace-logins are spent you have to call our servicecenter +49 561 804 5678 to get a new grace-login (you still have to change the password after that).
To change the password, please follow these instructions:

  • log into the IDM with your UniAccount and the password

It is now necessary to confirm the terms and conditions of the IT Servicezentrum by ticking the box underneath the login form.

If setting a new password from home does not work, please check if your VPN-Connection is running.

Image: Universität Kassel

Next, click on "Passwort ändern" ("change password")


In the next step you will be asked for your current password. To further the process click on "Weiter" ("continue").


Image: Universität Kassel

You can now generate a new password. Please note the guidelines:

  • at least 8 characters, 15 at the most 
  • no < or >
  • at least one number
  • at least one capital letter or one lower case letter
  • at least one symbol (though not in the first position)
  • no € , ß , Umlaut (äöü),  § and Spacebar
  • the new password cannot be one you have used before

Go to the next step by clicking on "Passwort ändern" ("change password")


Image: Universität Kassel

This step might take a moment.


Image: Universität Kassel

The password is now changed. Click on "Weiter" ("next step") to return to the start.

Image: Universität Kassel

Your new password is immeaditely updated for (almost) all services. For technical reasons, please allow up to 90 minutes before the new password can be used for your mail adress and the network drives.

Forgot your password?

Should you have forgotten your password, please contact our IT-Helpdesk:
Mönchebergstraße 11, room 1740a
monday-friday: 08:00-19:00


If you have connected your mobile phone number to the IDM, you can reset a forgotten password by yourself.

Instructions for this process can be found here: "password reset via self-service"

Contract extension

You may receive a notification that your account is about to expire, even though you still need to use it. In this case, please use the form for requesting/extending a UniAccount. Please pick "renewal for..." at the top of the form and fill in your existing UniAccount.

Please send the form to the ITS. It is usually processed within the next few days. You may not be notified about a renewal of your account, but you can check the Status on the Identity-Manager website or contact our hotline at Tel. 0561 804 5678 to inquire about the current status of your account.

Please make sure to supply the neccessary signatures within the form, especially the one from the person responsible for the cost center.

This does not apply for secondary accounts/Sekundäraccounts. You can find information on how to extend the duration of a secondary account via this link: Sekundäraccounts.