To install the AnyConnect-Client  for MAC OS please follow this instruction:

Open your webbrowser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc.) and type in the URL https://webvpn.uni-kassel.de

There you can log in with your UniAccount and corresponding password.

A new weppage will now open where you have to click on "Start AnyConnect". Next, please click "Download for macOS".

You will now find the application in your download folder. Open this by clicking on the file.

Please accept the terms and conditions in the following menu.


Another menu will open, please click on the file.


Please click "install".

You will find the folder "Cisco" under "Programms". Open the application by doubleclicking the programme.


Please type in the network adress "https://vpn.uni-kassel.de" in the following window.


Now please type in your login data corresponding to your UniAccount and then click "Ok".


Click again on "OK".


Your connection was successful if you see a green checkmark above the lock. If you want to end the connection, please click on "Disconnect".