General Information

If you want to use the WLAN of the University of Kassel to have free access to the internet at all locations of the university, you have to connect to the network "eduroam" with a valid UniAccount. You can use this network outside of the University of Kassel at other universities that also use "eduroam". You can find a list of all international locations under the following link:

Automatic installation via geteduroam/eduroamCAT

The tools eduroamCAT or geteduroam simplify the complex and automatic setup of eduroam. It is tailored to the institution and can only be used by the users there. Starting with Android version 9, the use of geteduroam is recommended. The tools create customized installers for popular PC and smartphone platforms and ensure users are protected from fraudulent eduroam hotspots that access usernames and passwords.

Instructions for setting up geteduroam can be found here:

All instructions for eduroamCAT are listed below:

Alternatively, you can find the manual setup instructions for eduroam under the "Manual Installation Instructions" section further down on this website.

Make sure you set up your WLAN client so that certificate verification is not turned off (even if it is easier). The certificate verification ensures that your WLAN client actually connects to the new campus WLAN of the university (and not to the "imitated" WLAN of some evildoer who tries to "fish" your login/password).

Certificates for WLAN/eduroam (click and install)

For easy use you need these three certificates:
GEANT OV RSA CA 4 (root certificate CA) [.crt Download]  [.pem Download ]
USERTrust RSA Certification Authority [. crt Download] [. pem Download]
AAA Certificate Services [. crt Download]  [.pem Download]
Linux users can use this certificate chain.



Instructions for manual installation