eduroamCAT on Android (4.3+)

Please remove the eduroam network from your device before installing the application. To do so, please click on eduroam in your network settings and select "remove network/forget network".


▪ Active Internet connection (mobile network, private WLAN, previous eduroam configuration)

▪ Android version from 4.3+.

Open Play Store on your smartphone. Then install the free eduroam CAT app from the GÉANT Association:

Start the app. The app will now try to detect your location and suggest reasonable configurations of possible facilities in the vicinity. Click on "Allow/Zulassen" here.

Alternatively, switch on the manual search below. Enter "Kassel" in the search field and click "search/Suche".

Select "University of Kassel".

Grant access to the media for eduroamCAT.

Click Install.

Confirm the following prompt with "Yes/Ja" so that your profile can be installed.

Enter your user name "" and the corresponding password in the input fields. Then click on "Install/Installieren".

Your Uni Kassel profile has been successfully installed.

Finally, check the connection in the settings. After the installation, eduroam should have connected automatically.