Ongoing bachelor and master theses

Brückmann, Lina-Marie Values in Change? The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Work-Related Values, Expectations, and Attitudes of German Young Professionals. A quantitative analysis based on the value research of S. H. Schwartz (Master thesis)
Klug, Timo Joel Development of an innovative lighting concept for transition systems of rail vehicles by analyzing the psychological added value for the passenger (Bachelor thesis)
Kasjolkin, Eline How economic anxiety influences the relationship between leadership style and employee well-being at work (Bachelor thesis)
Schwin, Alexander Comparing the Usability of Laying Machine Controls: An investigation using eye-tracking glasses and questionnaires in the context of pedal and joystick controls (Bachelor's thesis)
Dütz, Lilly Self-efficacy in virtual work - An investigation of the relationship between work demands and exhaustion (Master's thesis)
Siefert, Marie Erika Observable behaviors of managers with tendencies to the Dark Triad and their effects for employees as well as companies (Master thesis)
Vogelsang, Christina The effect of ambiguity tolerance on leaders in crisis situations - What influence does ambiguity tolerance have on adaptive and maladaptive emotion regulation strategies in the assessment of the crisis situation? (Master thesis)
Hottenrott, Fabian Changes in corporate culture and corporate values in times of crisis - An empirical study using the example of a medium-sized company (Master's thesis)
Niehoff, Marina Eye-tracking study (Master thesis)
Alcala, Pascal Evaluation of AR design recommendations in dual-task design using a head-mounted display (Master's thesis)
Wicke, Jonas Evaluation of different display types of assembly drawings with respect to their use as AR holograms (Master thesis)
Sälzer, Laura A lot of work, few hands - The shortage of skilled workers in the building trade and the challenges in recruiting future employees. An empirical study based on selected craft enterprises in North Hesse (Bachelor thesis)
Klein, Marc Comparison of two visualizations for assembly assistance with augmented reality data glasses (Master thesis)
Moallemy, Alex Can procrastination be seen as a consequence of psychological stress at the workplace (Bachelor thesis)

Finished theses

Landefeld, BeatriceThe role of resilience as a personal resource in the context of psychological stress at work (Master's thesis)
Momberg, JohannesEmpirical investigation of employees' willingness to participate in in-house lean management training based on influencing factors and personality traits using the example of a company location (Bachelor thesis)
Mell, TobiasDevelopment of a competence profile for sales employees through targeted coaching (Master thesis)
Miller, AlexanderPsychological stress factors when using augmented reality glasses in industrial processes (Bachelor thesis)
Patok, MichelleHybrid leadership - challenges and success factors of the new leadership approach (Master thesis)
Pabst, RenéThe influence of home office and work-life balance on mental health (Bachelor thesis)
Kaufmann, PhilippRelationship between organizational culture and knowledge management - an empirical study (Master thesis)
Cingil, DilaraThe permanent boundary crossing: mobbing (Bachelor thesis)
Spoo, VallerieThe agile mindset - definition and possibilities of promotion (Master thesis)
Moallemy, AlexCan procrastination be seen as a consequence of psychological stress at work? (Bachelor thesis)
Wang, XueLean Excellence - A qualitative analysis of the introduction of lean management and its impact on key figures in companies with small batch and individual production as well as supplementary recommendations for action (Master's thesis)
Kocak, OsmanEvaluation of a web-based training of Deutsche Bahn using eye movement measurements (Master thesis)
Wißling, MaximilianThe effect of structural changes in work processes in monotonous work on the psychological stress of the employee (Bachelor thesis)
Light, NiklasThe problem of disposal of environmentally harmful substances - An investigation based on work and organizational psychological factors with a focus on the final disposal of nuclear waste (Master's thesis)
Giffhorn, MajaThe Influence of Digital Stress and Work-Related Extended Availability on Psychological Detachment from Work, Considering Work-Life Blending and Technological and Recovery-Related Self-Efficacy (Master Thesis)
Scheffler, DustinCreation of Acceptance in the Introduction of Method Indicators and Indicator Management Using the Example of the Indicator O.E.E (Bachelor Thesis)
Wünsch, JessicaWomen in leadership positions: An investigation of selected leadership approaches and female leadership characteristics (Bachelor thesis)
Göttsching, Maya Sophie RagnaAnalysis of socialization preferences to derive recommendations for an existing onboarding process (Master thesis)
Schwalenstöcker, AntoniaJob Crafting - A literature-based analysis with a focus on opportunities and risks (Bachelor thesis)
Oluc, ZeynepDevelopment of stress demands in the home office and their impact on the work-life balance (Bachelor thesis)
Hölker, JohannesIntuitive telepresence control of an anthropomorphic manipulator using head-mounted displays and motion capturing (Bachelor thesis)
Lerch, LukasComparison of concepts for knowledge transfer considering cognitive aspects (Bachelor thesis)
Gembries, PatrikEvaluation of concepts for the optimization of workplace ergonomics using the example of CNC milling machines (Master thesis)
Gühna, SarahNew Work in the context of the modern digitalized working world 4.0 (Bachelor thesis)
Rembiak, NinaWorkloads of women in the home office during the Corona pandemic (Master thesis)

Krogmeier, Anna

Home office during the Corona pandemic: effects on psychological stress and job satisfaction (Master's thesis)

Fu-Haj-Zan, LarisaMental stress for managers: examining the quality of work and considering the consequences for the company
Kilian, ElisaCauses of the underrepresentation of women in management positions in private business enterprises (Bachelor thesis)
Tepel, MareikePerceived leadership behavior and job satisfaction in the context of mobile work during the COVID-19 pandemic (Master's thesis)

Blickwedel, Laurenz

Mental and physical workload of different age groups in a home office (Bachelor thesis)
Mohr, LucasInfluence of the coronavirus pandemic on work in the home office
Mölle, BastianField study to determine the distraction potential of infotainment systems in the automotive turntable and touchscreen in comparison (Master thesis)
Schülbe, PhilippMobile working - Investigation of the effects of mobile working on people, economic efficiency and the environment using the example of a large company - development of work structures (Master's thesis)
Lübcke, Jan-HendrickAnalysis of workload in a medium-sized company with focus on renewable energies (Bachelor thesis)

Brkovic, Bojan

An objective and subjective stress measurement in a human-robot collaboration (Master thesis)

Gökceli, CihanIntuitive control in human-robot collaboration - An investigation from the perspective of motion learning (Master thesis)
Fries, StefanMental stress of a visual-informational nature and its effects on train drivers while driving (Bachelor thesis)
Knickmeier, DanielEvolutionary development of neural networks for the prediction of human gait (Master thesis)
Kunz, IsabellCognitive and emotional effects of the transmission of gaze behavior using eye2eye (Bachelor thesis)
Muxlhanga, HenrietteInfluence of human reliability on assumptions and uncertainties in the application of TH2M modeling of a repository - an exploratory study (Master thesis)
Spengler, MareikeFlexibility in the Context of Mobile Working - The Effect of Flexible Choice of Work Location and Flexible Arrangement of Working Hours on the Compatibility of Work and Family (Master Thesis)
Tekinarslan, MehmetHealth risks of the alternating shift system with night work for employees in industry (Bachelor thesis)
Wicke, JonasQualitative investigation of fatal undesirable developments as a result of economic and psychological influences using the example of Boeings 737 MAX (Bachelor thesis)
Steinmetz, Felix ManuelDevelopment of a key performance indicator system with automated evaluation and presentation methodology for the implementation of an efficient evaluation process of qualitative supplier performance
Janzen, EdwardDevelopment of a CE-compliant safety concept for the flexible changing of the program of an MRK system in the prototyping of e-drives
von Osten, LillyOperational factors influencing absenteeism with regard to age (Master thesis)
Schröder, Nora JanineWhen digitalization has to go fast - curse or blessing for employees? (Master thesis)
Ochs, TheresaConcept for competence development and promotion of employees of a company in the energy sector (Master thesis)
Schäfer, FelixIntroduction of home office in companies triggered by the Corona crisis (Bachelor thesis)
Ullmann, LauraKnowledge management in nonprofit organizations (Bachelor thesis)
Willow, MaximilianDetermination of physical stress in different production lines depending on their degree of automation using objective observation methods and a subjective evaluation method (Bachelor thesis)

Alcala, Pascal

Suitability of a head-mounted display for educational purposes in virtual reality (Bachelor thesis)
Güven, IbrahimInvestigation of twisting of the upper body in assembly lines in U-shape under the consideration of gaze & body movement using "motion-capturing" and "eye-tracking" (cEYEberman) - (Master thesis)
Küper, Luisa

Development of a requirement profile for team leaders in production (Master thesis)

Lenitschek, Leonhard

Influence of selected assembly principles on the design based on the assemblyof the extension for access aids (Bachelor thesis)
Master-Ndes, PauletteImplementation of the 5S method and its effects on the workplace with a practical example (Master thesis)
Schieferdecker, AnnaConflict management of Generation Y managers in the food trade (Master thesis)
Schierenbeck, NoraStandardization of the questionnaire "Modular Analysis of Stress Factors in Organizations" (MABO) - (Master thesis)

Summer, Marie-Christin

The Influence of Individual Resilience as Psychological Capital on Organizational Citizenship Behavior (Master Thesis)
Petermichl, Lea MariaPsychological stress in vocational training and its impact on the shortage of skilled workers using the example of metal and electrical occupations in industry
Lesser, KathleenDevelopment of a holistic evaluation methodology for the survey and analysis of user experience using the example of an augmented reality system (Master's thesis)
Becker, Elisabeth

Reviewing the effectiveness of training measures according to ISO9001 2015 using Weidemann GmbH as an example.

(Master thesis)

Dreiling, Lisa-Marie

Work-life balance in the context of the modern working world - Development and validation of a scale for measuring work-life balance as an extension of the questionnaire 'Modular Analysis of Stress Factors in Organizations' (MABO) (Master thesis)

Gökceli, CihanEye movement analysis at an assembly workplace with human-robot collaboration (Bachelor thesis)

Gür, Müslum

The relationship between sympathy and job satisfaction in project groups in industrial companies (Master thesis)
Kater, Sabrina Katharina

The COPSOQ at Fraunhofer IEE - Assessment and evaluation of psychological stress at the workplace (Master thesis)

Klobes, Jan

Influences of the use of digital communication media on team communication. - Which factors are important for a successful flow of digital communication?

An investigation using the example of small changing project teams. (Bachelor thesis)

Knickmeier, DanielManipulator control via eye tracking- Implementation of an evolutionary particle swarm optimization (Bachelor thesis)
Knoll, ArthurApplication of Lean Management for the Analysis and Optimization of the Degree of Automation with the Objective of Increasing Plant Efficiency - Using the Example of the Manual Assembly of Particle and Nitrogen Oxide Sensors (Master Thesis)

Masmoudi, Cyrine

Productivity increase and employee relief by process optimization with the KAIZEN philosophy on the basis of a complex laser system (C-WAVE) (Bachelor thesis)

Neuner, MarisaFeedback by the manager against the background of spatial distance and the use of digital media (Master thesis)
Roersch, Madita MilenaResilience in working life - analysis and extension of a multi-level model for coping with challenges of the modern working world (master thesis)

Salzmann, Andre

Measures for motivation and personnel development of employees in the public service. Do problems exist and are there possibilities for optimization? (Master thesis)

Schäfer, Lukas

Influence of the "modern" office concept in the Lean Office on the productivity of employees - using the example of WIKUS-Sägenfabrik Wilhelm H. Kullmann GmbH & Co. KG

(Bachelor thesis)

Schwarz, Julia Alena

Analysis of an instrument for knowledge transfer: success factors, barriers and fields of action

(Master thesis)

Stanger, MatthiasParticipation in the Digital Age. Workplace co-determination in the course of shaping Industry 4.0 in medium-sized companies (Master's thesis)

Steinhauer, Franziska

Challenges of digitalization - Development and validation of a scale to measure technostress as an extension of the questionnaire "Modular Analysis of Stress Factors in Organizations" (MABO) (Master thesis)

Striebich, AntonAcceptance and Suitability of Simulation Technologies in the Qualification of Train Dispatchers (Master Thesis)
Wehrmann, JonasHolistic analysis of mental stress in nursing by means of development and validation of a nursing-specific questionnaire (Master thesis)
Wilhelm, Daniel EliasUsefulness and effectiveness of data glasses as a learning tool in comparison to conventional methods (Bachelor thesis)


Ates, Dogan

Investigating the applicability of the lean startup method in the FinTech industry - SplitPay case study (master's thesis)

Becker, Lukas

Influence of digitalization on the relationship between leadership behavior and team effectiveness (master's thesis)

Brand, Patrick

Human resource management in the age of Industry 4.0 - What challenges do digital transformation processes pose for managers? (Bachelor thesis)

Eisenbaum, ChristinaCollective creation of a business model in the digital decision space - a study (Master thesis)
Erbing, KareenWorking world of the future - Effects of digitalization on mental stress and job satisfaction (Master thesis)
Ernst, GeroldDigital assistance systems: Challenge and requirement for employees in times of digitalization (Master's thesis)
Fenske, Julia SabineDevelopment of jurisprudence on the Occupational Safety and Health Act (Bachelor's thesis)

Friday, Daniel

Prediction of individual performance using stress indicators and artificial neural networks (Master's thesis)
Genc, HülyaSoftware ergonomic comparison of two management tools for crisis prevention in the energy sector (Bachelor thesis)
Greben, BastianExperimental usability study on the application of a digital assistance system (Master thesis)
Hartig, NeleDevelopment of a standardized procedure for the processing and documentation of warranty issues in quality assurance in the After Sales Group of Volkswagen AG (Master thesis)
Heckmann, MarkusEffects of Digitalization on Managers - What Challenges Result from Technological Change (Bachelor Thesis)

Nunes de Freitas, Paulo

Development of a strategic concept to improve the market position of Volkswagen AG's brake caliper product group (Master's thesis)

Schiller, PeggyExtension and validation of the MABO - Development of a scale to measure short-term stress (Master thesis)
Schitz, PeterDevelopment of measures to optimize the catalog inspection process in the after sales department of Volkswagen AG (Bachelor thesis)
Tomazek, Violetta

Assessment of specific aspects of employee satisfaction to determine the corporate culture in selected companies (Bachelor thesis)

Wiencke, Julia

Learning in the process of digital transformation in the automotive industry - impact of progressive learning methods on learning success in vocational training (Master's thesis)


Reinhold, SebastianSoftware ergonomic analysis of the self-service portal solution for GASCADE's identity management (bachelor thesis)
Brandl, FabienneExamining the applicability of the instrument for coding discussions (IKD) - a study on its use in team decision-making (master's thesis)
Dahlhaus, LukasEmployee motivation and leadership in the context of store floor management using the example of B. Braun Melsungen AG (Bachelor thesis)
Dayangac, Mehmet AkifInvestigation of pupil behavior under different light influences and development of a method to compensate for these influences (Bachelor thesis)
English, FriedrichMental stress at the workplace - extension and validation of the "Questionnaire on Employee Satisfaction" (MABO) based on empirical data (Master thesis)
Fischer, MathisEye movement analysis of sports aircraft with regard to their cockpit design and instrument arrangement (Master thesis)
Franzen, NicoInformation processing in group discussion with multimedia information provision: An eye-tracking study (Master thesis)
Gökce, Ilyas

APMS - Acceptance and user friendliness of a workplace management system at the Volkswagen plant in Kassel (Master thesis)

Henkel, LisaOptimization of the production process to ensure product and process quality at MAN Diesel & Turbo (Master thesis)
Jagielski, StephanPeople in focus: Changes due to Industry 4.0 in production (Master thesis)
Lindmeier, MichaelFrom Safety-I to Saftey-II - Modern safety systems using the example of Portuguese air traffic control (Bachelor thesis)
Meyer, Jan-PhilippAdded value of real-time capable representation of production scenarios in remotely supported digital meeting rooms in planning and decision-making situations (Master thesis)
Mierzwa, MarcelConcept development for a handling system, based on MRk, to support manual activities in the assembly of wind deflectors (Master thesis)
Müller, MarcoIndustry 4.0 and the accompanying mental stress (Bachelor thesis)

Neuwirth, Martin

Investigation of the effect of different lighting scenarios on alertness and daytime sleepiness in everyday work (Master thesis)

Osterland, JuliaLeadership 2.0 - Healthy leadership in the age of digitalization. An examination from the perspective of smartphone use (Master's thesis)
Reinbold, Jannik

Digitalization of medium-sized companies: A consideration of the automated generation and provision of production data in real time at Finoba Automotive GmbH (Bachelor thesis)

Richter, MerleRequirements for managers with regard to their leadership characteristics in the context of Industry 4.0 (Master's thesis)
Saki, MehrachDevelopment of an Android real-time assistance application to support a visual inspection using augmented reality and eye tracking (Master thesis)
Schäfer, HendrikDigitalization of medium-sized businesses: A consideration of the automated generation and provision of production data in real time at Finoba Automotive GmbH (Bachelor thesis)
Pupil, AnjaLeadership Relationship Quality and Affective Commitment - An Empirical Study in the Banking Industry (Master Thesis)
Stanger, MatthiasCommunication in medium-sized companies. Development of successful internal communication for the special requirements of today's economy (Bachelor thesis)
Thiel, TabeaLeadership in the working world 4.0: Consideration and analysis of the changing demands on leadership competencies (Master's thesis)
Ünlü, ErmanChange management for process integration - conceptual design of a change approach using the module development process at Volkswagen AG as an example (Master's thesis)


Ewig, ManuelAge structures and securing know-how in medium-sized companies (Bachelor's thesis)
Knispel, RobinAnalysis of idea and innovation management at HÜBNER GmbH & Co. KG to derive recommendations for action (Bachelor thesis)
Knoll, ArthurFunctional benchmark of dialysis fluid preparation in a dialysis machine (Bachelor thesis)
Ng, Zoen-NjaeCrack image analysis: Conceptual design of a methodology to support material and crack image analysis in material processing (Bachelor thesis)
Otto, Frederik DavidDevelopment and partial implementation of an evaluation concept for the psychosocial network of the social insurance for agriculture, forestry and horticulture (Master thesis)
Rewald, JohannaDevelopment of a concept for cross-generational talent development at HÜBNER GmbH & Co. KG (Master's thesis)
Schmidt, MelanieIndustry 4.0 and the resulting demands on leadership (Bachelor thesis)
Vollmar, Benedikt

Internal communication in German craft enterprises

(Bachelor thesis)

Wunderlich, KonradEthical Leadership. Drafting a concept for leadership development (Master's thesis).


Akyol-Nafi, Bahar.

Effects of different work environments on creativity.

(Bachelor's thesis)

Al-Hamidi, Mohammed

Development of suitable qualification measures and introduction of standard-compliant processes for the optimization of analysis and repair activities for mechatronics of an Audi direct shift gearbox

(Bachelor thesis)

Albrecht, Alexander

The knowledge worker in large projects

(Master thesis)

Ay, Aday

Technical and economic evaluation of a remanufacturing of electromechanical steering gears

(Master thesis)

Bartsch, Anne-KerstinRetention Management for the Employees of the Future - An Empirical Study of Trainees and Former Trainees of B. Braun Melsungen AB (Master Thesis)
Bartschat, Verena

Assessment Center in Virtual Space - An Empirical Investigation of Potentials and Limitations of the Assessment Center Method Mail Basket in Virtual Space

(Master thesis)

Becker, Alexander

Workplace Planning with Cardboard Engineering - Opinions, Attitudes and Expectations of Employees, Managers and Planners

(Master thesis)

Blank, Nathalie

Development of a concept to optimize the selection process for commercial trainees and dual students of K+S Aktiengesellschaft at the Kassel site

(Master thesis)

Bunge, Désirée Saskia

Critical evaluation of success factors in teamwork at Volkswagen at the Kassel site in the area of logistics

(Master thesis)

Burghardt, Torsten

Detection of receptivity for situation-adequate feedback in augmented reality assistance systems

(Master thesis)

Darmer, Kai

Targeted information provision as a success factor in the implementation phase of a large-scale international project

(Bachelor thesis)

Fitz, Cosima

Experimental determination of monotonicity effects at U-line workstations using ECG heart rate analysis

(Bachelor thesis)

Friday, DanielInnovation structure and culture in start-up companies (Bachelor thesis)
Fritzler, Helena

Process analysis for the development of solutions for the optimization of planning processes

(Master thesis)

Haust, Christoph

Conceptual application of an augmented reality supported training system using the example of Volkswagen transmission assembly

(Bachelor thesis)

Heinicke, NorbertOptimization of a procedure for personnel recruitment and selection at an engineering services company (diploma thesis II)

Hoffmann, Vanessa

Design of a team development tool for competence-oriented team composition using the example of a course at the University of Kassel (Master's thesis)

Hormel, Katharina Johanna

Reorganization processes at an automobile manufacturer - An empirical investigation

(Master thesis)

Itbail, Alaaeldeen

Identification of cycle times in production lines based on eye movement data

(Diploma thesis I)

Karahn, Ilhan

Influence of corporate culture on the achievement of corporate goals

(Diploma thesis I)
Kleinmann, MarcoCommunication methods of external consultants in change management (Bachelor thesis)
Krämer, LutzThe change of organizational competencies in the context of vehicle generation development (Master thesis)

Lamparter, Michl

Transfer of product knowledge as support for complex sales processes

(Master thesis)

Lindenstruth, LenaConcept for the design of a specialist career path in distinction to a management career path in the K+S Group (Master's thesis)

Lorch, Julia

Increasing the location attractiveness of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Products GmbH in the context of recruiting specialists and executives

(Master thesis)

Markgraff, DirkUse of digital media at vocational schools - a comparative study (Diploma thesis II)
Matschewski, Andre

Introduction and implementation of energy efficiency programs in production from a change management perspective using the example of Think Blue Factory at Volkswagen



Nebe, Niklas

What influence do the changes associated with the conversion to Industry 4.0 have on the qualification profile and employability of production employees? (Master's thesis)

Raabe, DimitriDevelopment of a real-time feedback system to support the ergonomic execution of motion sequences using a motion capture suit and a virtual reality helmet (Master's thesis)

Rodewyk, Laura

Development of an evaluation system for the planning of wind energy plants

(Diploma thesis I)

Rosahatsky, Ina

Improvement of the tendering and application process using the example of an advertised position in the quality department of Continental AG

(Master thesis)

Saki, MehrachDesign for the connection of augmented reality and eye tracking and the prototypical completion, by means of rapid prototyping, as an interface for a real-time assistance system (Diploma thesis I)

Schlennstedt, Kristof

Development of an approach to control core competencies (Master thesis)
Schulz, DimitriAccident data analysis of real accidents with regard to oblique frontal collisions (Master thesis)
Schumacher, Vanessa

Cooperation, coordination and control of interdisciplinary teams in the existing innovation process of Robert Bosch GmbH

(Bachelor thesis)

Schumbera, Caroline

Conceptual Development of a Targeted Root Cause Analysis for the Reduction of Complaint Costs in the Group Sales Department Original Parts of Volkswagen AG - Implementation of the Project using the Example of a Product Number

(Master thesis)

Schünemann, Silvia

A Leadership Model for Practice - Applicability of the FullRange of Leadership Model with Transactional and Transformational Leadership as a Model of Successful Leadership at Volkswagen AG, Kassel Site

(Master thesis)

Schürmann, Nora

Possibilities and limits of value-oriented personnel development (Master's thesis)
Shanmugalingam, SukeevanClassification aid for characteristic postures in non-cyclical activities in mechanical production (Diploma thesis I)

Spalinska, Sabina

Decision making of groups in project management: identifying human errors and deriving possible causes

Stieling, Jenny

Software ergonomic analysis of an e-exam authoring system using Questionmark Perception as an example

(Master thesis)

Thiede, Pia

Development of a training concept for the functions of the price structure model in the release of EPS System Version 6.2

(Bachelor thesis)

Troch, Daniel

Development of a holistic concept for prospective ergonomic product, plant and work system design using the example of SMA Solar Technology AG

(Bachelor thesis)

Ude, Bastian

Evaluation and enhancement of usability using the example of an application program of Volkswagen AG

(Diploma thesis II)

Vollmar, Björn

Analysis of information asymmetries in supplier-customer relationships using principal-agent theory

(Master's thesis)

Akimov, Artur

Analysis of motion sequences in the assembly of cylinder crankcases to reduce the load on employees and improve the workflow

(Bachelor thesis)

Allers, LenaRetention management for Generation Y through targeted incentives (Master thesis)

Bunnemann, Moritz

Knowledge management in fast growing companies

(Bachelor thesis)

Burghardt, Torsten

Experimental determination of monotonicity effects using eye movement data

(Bachelor thesis)

Elkenhans, Florian

Emotional stress in conversational situations

(Diploma thesis I)

Engel, Claus-Friedrich

Introduction of a dynamic online planning tool to improve workflows in medium-sized craft enterprises - using the example of Poolcenter Dessau GmbH

(Diploma thesis I

Faqirzada, SuleymanConstruction of an automatic spindle locking device for a 5E gear test bench for ergonomic relief of the employees (Bachelor thesis)

Dyer, Felix

Investigation of critical situations at the flight simulator under consideration of EEG measurement and eye movement registration

(Bachelor thesis)

Fischer, Annelie

An investigation of age-appropriate shift systems in the manufacturing industry using the example of Robert Bosch GmbH, Bamberg site


's thesis)

Fischer, Nadja

Design recommendation for the practical introduction of collaborative robots at Volkswagen Kassel with regard to technical feasibility, safety and economic efficiency

(Master thesis)

Freiknecht, Ruben

Extension and testing of a motion capturing system for the planning of assembly and ergonomic considerations using a head-mounted display and a "flystick

(Bachelor thesis)

Frisch, HendrikCompensation possibilities in case of unfavorable application of airborne and structure-borne sound measurement technology (Master thesis)

Haupt, René

Offshore HVDC grid connection point - Development of a process-oriented, dynamic model for optimized implementation of occupational health and safety in maintenance on the high seas

(Master thesis)

Hendler, Julia

Development of recommendations for action to increase the problem solving ability of team spokespersons in the context of teamwork using the example of DQ 200/500 OK/UJ at Volkswagen AG at the Kassel site

(Master thesis)

Kaplan, Torben

Optimization of a data glove

(Diploma II)

Buyer, Daniel

Design of the power plant identification system for the plant structure of a biomass power plant

(Diploma thesis I)

Kletz, Korinna

Employee surveys as a management tool to increase job satisfaction

(Master thesis)

Kohberger, Timm

The Importance of Enterprise Social Networks for Organizational Knowledge Management

(Master thesis)

Köppen, Robert

Development of a sales structure concept by means of process-oriented quality management using the example of the Bosch Security Systems National Sales Organization Germany, Austria, Switzerland at the Kassel location

(Diploma thesis I)

Kruß, Sebastian

Comparison of two motion capturing based methods for ergonomics analysis

(Diploma thesis II)

Lee, Kathrin

The importance of communication and feedback (Diploma thesis I)

Lück, Eugen

Integration of employees with reduced performance in the work process of pre-assembly and preparation

(Bachelor thesis


Marks, Benjamin

Development of ergonomic improvement in the foundry of the Volkswagen plant Kassel in relation to the demographic change and the economic conditions

(Diploma thesis II)

Oefner, Vincent

Analysis of the use of work organization methods in production planning

(Bachelor thesis)

Ohlwein, Michael

Optimization and development of potentials for the supply of customers with OT

(Diploma thesis I)

Otto, Florian

Work system and process analysis for the optimization of piston ringing in the aggregate preparation of Volkswagen at the Kassel location

(Bachelor thesis)

Otto, Frederik David

Situational Leadership: Requirements for Managers and the Necessity of Supervisor Assessments (Bachelor Thesis)

Qunqar, Nicole

Design and integration of a central assembly workstation according to lean production criteria

(Master thesis)

Schneider, Marc

Development of an additional information system for pilots and its investigation with regard to effects on the behavior of pilots in critical flight situations

(Master thesis)

Schütt, Ole

Workload in manufacturing in view of demographic change

(Bachelor thesis)

Schwarz, Sandra

The use of company childcare from the perspective of parents

(Master's thesis)

Schwarz, Viktor

Application of internet technologies for the development of a web application using the example of CAHR

(Bachelor thesis)

Schweiger, Leander

Measurement of mental stress during visual tasks in virtual interface settings by analyzing specific frequency bands in the EEG

Spanka, Cornelia

Development and evaluation of a concept for successful change management in process management (based on the interdisciplinary design project Product Life Cycle) (provisional title)

(Bachelor thesis)

Talke, Edgar Hagen

Introduction, control and evaluation of interdisciplinary technology teams in the existing innovation process of Volkswagen AG at the Kassel site

(Bachelor thesis)

Tatzel, Stefan

Development of a method for the risk classification of single system components in technically complex plants as a basis for the definition of availability maximizing maintenance strategies of HVDC as well as HVAC offshore grid connection systems

(Master thesis)

Tatzel, Thomas

The success factor information in the project management of an HVDC power transmission system

(Bachelor thesis)

Turak, Ömer

Development and implementation of a concept for executives to identify and implement the training obligations from the GefStoffV (German Ordinance on Hazardous Substances)

(Bachelor thesis)

Ude, Bastian

Development of a methodology for the identification of a suitable handling of unwieldy components at assembly lines under consideration of ergonomic and economic aspects on the basis of the example of the housing placement of gearboxes

(Diploma thesis I)

White, Stefan

Concept for the integration of employees into a software-supported idea management using the example of a medium-sized company

(Bachelor thesis)

Witte, Tanja

Psychological stress of driving personnel in passenger transportation

(Master thesis)

Wolff, Kathrin

Trust in Organizations - An Empirical Qualitative Interview Study on the Importance of the Organization and its Leaders for Organizational Behavior
Zimmermann, AmelieDevelopment, planning and elaboration of a lean training for the understanding and application of store floor management (LKW-Fabrik III) (Bachelor thesis)


Bekteshi, Demir

Noise pollution at the workplace - caused by marking processes in large scale production

(Diploma thesis I)

Buchenau, DanielaIntroduction of a SharePoint application in the company Bombardier Transportation GmbH

(Bachelor thesis

Eimer, Alessandro

Development of a key figure system for the evaluation of deviations in supplier parts

(Diploma thesis I)

Earth, Nick

Transfer of ideas from internal communities into the innovation process

(Bachelor thesis)

Fischer, Nadja

Comparison of a transmission small-series assembly line with a large-series assembly line at Volkswagen using the example of DL800 and DQ200

(Bachelor thesis)

Fokker, Marina

Ergonomic design of the picking workstations of the high-bay warehouse 2 in the Sales Department Genuine Parts and Service of Volkswagen AG at the Kassel plant

(Bachelor thesis)

von Glinski, MatthiasEye movement analysis for the assessment of mental stress of simple assembly workers

(Master thesis


Hoffmann, Vanessa

Development of a recommendation for action for an existing organizational change process for the integration of new employees of Bombardier Transportation GmbH in Kassel

(Bachelor thesis)

Imbsweiler, JonasInvestigation of fatigue effects during long-haul flights using diagnostic methods

(Bachelor thesis

Kuhn, FabianDevelopment and conception of an innovative induction model in relation to professional room training on the basis of technical and methodological competence modules for implementation in the drive forum of Volkswagen AG in Baunatal with regard to ensuring product quality and increasing process quality

(Diploma thesis I

Kuleßa, LauraStandardization of a materials management process to increase effectiveness and efficiency using the example of a scrap metal collector

(Bachelor thesis

Lamparter, Michl

Knowledge transparency on global markets using the example of B. Braun Melsungen AG

(Bachelor thesis)

Lukes, Christine

Learning in Virtual Space - An Empirical Investigation of Effects, Potentials and Limitations of the Medium

(Master thesis)

Müller, Daniela

Re-employment commitment at the Volkswagen AG in Baunatal

(Bachelor thesis)

Müller, JuliaIntegration of demographic change into the controlling system

(Bachelor thesis


Pavlovic, Bojan

Introduction of a CRM system at E.ON Mitte AG, Technical Network Service (Master thesis)

Schmidt, Stephanie

Influence of leadership quality on the stress perception of employees and the effectiveness of an organization

(Master thesis)

Schütt, Ole Nahne DyeWorkload in manufacturing in view of demographic change

(Bachelor thesis

Sieber, ValerieInfluence of management decisions on the mood of employees due to a change of location

(Bachelor thesis


Spalinska, Sabina

Eye movement analysis in a flight simulator

(Bachelor thesis)

Stieling, JennyValidation of an eye tracking system based on manual shaft assembly and derivation of design suggestions

(Bachelor thesis

Reiling, SebastianInnovative interactive user-friendly integrated management system documentation

(Master thesis

Vollmar, BjörnGuideline for process flow/information exchange between departments at SMA

(Bachelor thesis

Warremann, SvenSeat position analysis on a racing bike

(Bachelor thesis

Youkhana, MartinaOptimization of the machine-readable data matrix code as component identification

(Diploma thesis I


Ziegler, Sara-Kristin

Verification of a procedure for the determination of long-term quality under process optimization aspects

(Diploma thesis I)


Becker, Alexander

Development of a concept to change the disassembly area considering the "special demo" at Robert Bosch GmbH Göttingen (Diploma thesis I)

Delpho, Steve

Process analysis for the development of solutions for the optimization of internal audits in the sales department for original parts and service (Diploma thesis I)

Gnerlich, Jens

Analysis and evaluation of human influences on inspection quality in the final inspection of an automotive supplier (Diploma thesis I)

Haupt, René

Risk-oriented analysis and evaluation for the optimization of spare parts logistics of an offshore HVDC grid connection point University of Kassel (Diploma thesis I)

Henkel, Lisa

Elaboration of a failure mode and effects analysis based on the product development process of the company Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH (Diploma thesis I)

Hock, Maike

Design and implementation of an interactive intranet site for burnout prevention at SMA Solar Technology AG (Diploma thesis I)

Jennerich, Marc

Experimental acquisition of motion-capturing validation data. University of Kassel

(Diploma thesis II)

Kohberger, Timm

Analysis of the implementation of TRIZ at SMA Solar Technology AG (Diploma thesis I)

Matys, Jaroslaw

Design and implementation of an action guide for car body damage to optimize process and product quality (Diploma thesis I)

Oefner, VincentPossible applications of virtual reality under aspects of occupational safety and plant safety in the chemical industry (Diploma thesis I)
Schnar, MarinaChallenges for personnel development and in-company training in times of demographic change (Bachelor thesis)
Schneider, MarcDevelopment of a methodology for the data evaluation of the alternative training program ATQP, as well as for the determination of individual training needs using the example of TUIfly GmbH (Bachelor thesis)
Senbayrak, SibelActivity evaluation of Chaku-chaku work systems using eye movement data (Master thesis)
Tatzel, StefanDetermination of critical components of the primary technology as well as the associated protection technology of a HVDC offshore grid connection point (Diploma thesis I)
Tilp, Mathias

Performance management as a building block of company training at DORMA GmbH & Co. KG

(Diploma thesis I)

Trautmann, AxelRequirements for the Mercedes Benz development process due to the development of hybrid system scopes (Diploma thesis I)

Yosgat, Ahmet

Analysis of the processing depth of engine reconditioning using the example of the EA 111 and EA 113 engine family (Diploma thesis I)


Baier, Doreen

Conceptual design of a survey instrument to assess the working climate at an international automotive supplier (Master thesis)

Brede, Heiner

Development, planning and elaboration of the practical and theoretical contents of the Lean Training CIP (student research project)

Finn, Marcel

Optimization of the driver's compartment of a racing car concept under consideration of motion analysis and individual body characteristics with the simulation software RAMSIS (Diploma thesis I)

Haßdenteufel, Bastian

Development of a concept to ensure process quality at SMA Solar Technology AG (Diploma thesis I)

Haufe, Jan

What are the possibilities for anchoring media competencies in curricula and what are the future opportunities for the German education system?

(Diploma thesis (Dipl.-Hdl.))

Höfinghoff, Diana

Promoting brand identification and image improvement by means of brand qualification training at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (Master's thesis)

Hoffmann, Georg

Tuning the CyberManS software to Volkswagen standards (Diploma thesis I)

Kejia, Li

Conflict management strategies in intercultural cooperation relations using the example of Germany and China (Diploma thesis II)

Milleg, Vera

Human Factors - Consideration of human factors in railroad system design (Diploma Thesis I)

Möller, Benjamin

Development of a concept for the implementation of a controlling system in the TRUSS Group (Diploma thesis I)

Möller, Conrad

Quality management (Diploma thesis I)

Odenbach, Eduard

Technical benchmarking as an instrument of competitive intelligence - presented and specified using the example of large diesel engines (Master thesis)

Proll, Matthias

Implementation of Technical Safety Management in a Regional Energy Supply Company (Diploma Thesis II)

Radtke, Christian

Validation of EAWS ergonomics analyses with CyberManS

(Master thesis)

Schröppe, Heiko

Electromechanical design - Design and construction of a pre-production drive for a handling device (rope balancer)

(Diploma thesis I)

Sitzmann, Andreas

Adaptation of work instructions and in-company training at the Kassel site to counteract a temporary or project-related shortage of skilled workers

(Diploma thesis I)

Summer, Mareike

Strategic investigation of the success potential of an innovation project

(Diploma thesis I)

Tewes, Thorsten

Consideration of Human Factors in Railway System Design - "Human Factors" - Programming of a Reference Route for a Representative Investigation of the Mental Load of a Train Driver in ETCS Guided Trains in the Simulator of Deutsche Bahn AG - Validation of Route Observation and Knowledge on the Basis of an Integrated Secondary Task

(Diploma thesis II)

Wagner, Alina

Methods of process optimization and their application in a fast growing company

(Diploma thesis I)

Wedekind, Monika

Ergonomic investigation of cellular organized work systems in the automotive - core component production by means of motion recording and eye tracking

(Diploma thesis I)

Weingärtner, Daniel

Comparative analysis of applied knowledge management methods in selected management approaches

(Diploma thesis II)

Winschiers, Marcus

Ergonomic and economic consideration of different finding processes with establishment of an optimal variant in the aggregate reprocessing Kassel (Volkswagen AG)

(Diploma thesis I)

Wirth, Martin

Optimization of teamwork under consideration of leadership behavior

(Diploma thesis I)

Yavuzoglu, Mahzuni

Ergonomic evaluation of activities in operational logistics

(Diploma thesis I)


Dörr, Benjamin

Development of design proposals for the qualification base engine assembly in the product area CCA aggregate reprocessing analysis factory Kassel on the basis of the training object timing belt (Diploma thesis II)


New forms of communication in the net as a subject of instruction (diploma thesis (Dipl. Hdl.))

Gürich, Stephan

Softwareergonomic Evaluation of the Course Management System Moodle in Education and Training (Diploma Thesis (Dipl. Hdl.))

Hainer, Beate

Process optimization and standardization in in-company training with the tools of lean management. Analysis and optimization of training strategies with the help of eye movements. Presented using the example of Volkswagen Coaching GmbH, Kassel branch (Diploma thesis (Dipl. Hdl.))

Höster, Kathrin

Informal learning in in-company training (Master's thesis)

Janßen, Wibke

Knowledge management in vocational schools (diploma thesis)

Jarka, Stefan

Analysis and comparative study of business process management software for large enterprises. University of Kassel. (Diploma thesis II)

Kniese, Konstantin

Development of a concept for the transformation of a rigid flow production into a highly flexible workshop production for the assembly of automatic transmissions (Diploma thesis I)

Krawetzke, Björn

New ways of learning with participative applications of Web 2.0 (Diploma Thesis II)

Möller, Benjamin

Necessity and approaches for the implementation of a controlling system in the TRUSS Group. University of Kassel (Diploma Thesis II)

Nickel, Stefan

Improvement of packaging activities of contract service providers at the OTC of VW AG (Diploma thesis I)

Nickel, Stefan

Development of a packaging time concept considering cross-industry logistics concepts (Diploma thesis II)

Proll, Matthias

Human reliability in air traffic control (Diploma thesis I)

Rüppel, Annette

Analysis and comparative consideration of business process management software using the example of ViFlow and Dia (Diploma thesis II)

Schaberich, Dirk

Potentials and learning-theoretical design of e-learning systems (Diploma thesis (Dipl.-Hdl.))

Schindler, Tobias

Conceptual design of a test rig for the investigation of cognitive and physiological characteristics during assembly processes (Diploma thesis I)

Schmidt, Saskia

Analysis and evaluation of the feasibility of an internet-based and worldwide knowledge database for all service employees of SMA Technology AG with final recommendation (Diploma thesis I)

Schmidt, Stephanie

How should industrial companies react to demographic change? - Findings based on subjective performance data, further training activities and absenteeism (Diploma thesis I)

Shirzad, Shora

Knowledge management in SMEs (Diploma thesis I)

Stock, Christian

Dynamic Competence Modeling and the Impact of the European Train Contro l System on the Competence Model of Train Drivers of Deutsche Bahn (Diploma Thesis (Dipl.-Hdl.))

Sytch, Alina

Team factors for creative and successful work (Master thesis)

Tewes, Thorsten

Consideration of Human Factors in Railway System Design - "Human Factors" - Development of a Recommendation Catalog of Safety Critical Tasks for ETCS Guided Trains for Mapping in the Simulator of Deutsche Bahn AG (Diploma Thesis I)

Wedekind, Monika

Ergonomic investigation of cellular organized work systems in automotive component manufacturing by means of motion capture and gaze tracking - synchronous data evaluation of body and gaze movements. (Diploma thesis)

Wilhelm, Sven

Determination of physical stress on the upper extremities during assembly activities in the automotive industry at two measurement time points (Diploma thesis II)


Baier, Doreen

Analysis of the causes of high absenteeism in the production area of an inter-national company in the automotive supply industry and development of solutions taking into account motivation-theoretical approaches (Diploma thesis I)

Betjen, Alexander

Development and implementation of a concept for continuous improvement (Diploma thesis II)

Christ, Matthias

Planning of a production line for the final assembly of cylinder heads (Diploma thesis I)

Flohr, Benjamin

Investigation of the Natural Driving Behavior (Diploma Thesis I)

Günebak, Servet

Investigation of the eye movement during engine failure for pilots of TUIfly (Diploma Thesis II)

Lefort, Frederik

Process analysis for the optimization of the disassembly process based on an existing value stream mapping using the example of VW's transmission disassembly (Diploma Thesis II)

Sharifi, Ramin

Evaluation of the economic efficiency and technical feasibility for the inclusion of closed diesel particulate filter systems of Volkswagen AG in the remanufacturing process (Diploma thesis I)

Schoenewolf, Thomas

Blended Learning - Possibilities for the Evaluation of Hybrid Learning Processes in Education and Training on the Basis of Quality Criteria from the Provider and Demand Perspective (Diploma Thesis I)

Schreiber, Tobias

Approaches to promote and support self-directed learning in a blended learning scenario (Diploma thesis (Dipl. Hdl.))

Wengerek, Martin

Development and Implementation of a Uniform Complaint Monitoring System to Optimize Process and Product Quality in the Supply Chain of Volkswagen AG's Original Parts Sales Department (Diploma Thesis I)


Brede, Sebastian

Introduction of a Kanban control system (Diploma thesis I)

Dehnert, Ralf.

Development of a digital information system in the production area (Diploma thesis I)

Enriquez Diaz, José A.

Application of load manipulators in the gearbox assembly VL 300 (Diploma thesis II)

Grabe, Ulrike

Design and use of learning platforms using the example of the LMS moodle at the University of Kassel (Diploma thesis I)

Groh, Sabine

Development and testing of a methodology for the estimation of simulation worthiness using the example of Sprinter assembly (diploma thesis II)

Günebak, Servet

Analysis of performance appraisal for TUIfly airline pilots - Effectiveness of the ATQP appraisal system (Diploma thesis I)

Peetz, Marcel

Current value-based specification of exhaust systems in the after-market (Diploma thesis I)

Scheidemantel, Jens

Analysis of existing knowledge management processes in the stage technology department and development of a concept (Diploma thesis I)

Schmitt, Jan-Patrick

Work system and process analysis for the optimization of the assembly process using the example of the engine 070 at the TKF 1 of the aggregate preparation (Volkswagen AG) (Diploma thesis I)

Supernak, Marco

Ergonomics- and work process-oriented analysis of workplaces in cylinder head assembly/reprocessing and elaboration of solutions (Diploma thesis I)

Shahmiri, Kazem

Development of intuitive control units in building services engineering with regard to the cognitive and sensorimotor characteristics of different users (Diploma thesis II)

Wild, Christian

Basics, criteria and potential benefits of an e-learning integration using the example of basic IT training for office administrators. (Diploma thesis I)