02/10/2023 | Forschung

Minister Dorn commends Hessen's top researchers

Official event at Biebrich Castle in Wiesbaden

Frau Ministerin Dorn und Prof. Merle

At the invitation of Minister Dorn (HMWK), Prof. Merle attended an evening event for top scientists at Schloss Biebrich on February 9.

The evening started with an inspiring speech by Minister Dorn on the social relevance of top scientists and their contribution to the current scientific strength of Hessen. It was followed by informal discussions around beverages and fingerfood. Prof. Merle expressed his gratitude to Minister Dorn for her dedicated support to the junior top researchers.

Among the guests were also colleagues Prof. Stengel, Prof. Heinzel, Prof. Wang, Prof. Mikosch, VP Prof. Wachendorf, as well as an external long-term cooperation partner of the Merle group (Dr. Bykova).