Course: Design of Experiment and Reliability


  • Dr.-Ing. Timo Möller

Learning objectives

  • Knowledge: Students are given an insight into the theory of failure analysis.
  • Skills: The students are able to carry out sophisticated failure analyses. The module links the theory of engineering mechanics and strength verification using the finite element method with the topic of failure analysis. An excursion into machine dynamics concludes the theory.
  • In two seminars, practical examples are presented and carried out with the students, which should enable them to plan and carry out smaller damage analyses themselves at some point.
  • Competences: The students are able to evaluate material systems with regard to their failure or damage and thus assess them. They are also able to develop and implement suitable tests or a suitable test strategy in the context of damage analyses, which are taught for example in the modules Design of Experiments and Reliability or System Reliability in Mechanical Engineering.



  • Composite stress and equivalent stress hypotheses in the FEM environment, theoretical analysis of the load collectives.
  • Machine dynamics and materials engineering - short introduction and explanation of the correlations - theory of the single mass oscillator (EMS)
  • Introduction to FEM from the point of view of materials engineering and design
  • Physics of Failure
  • Seminar 1: Application of theory using the example of the design of solid-state joints using the example of a hexapod in optomechatronics
  • Seminar 2: Experimental modal analysis on a pressurised water reactor -> findings and effects on material processes (especially welded joints, dynamic excitations)

Block course - dates:

Sa., 15.10.2022, Preliminary discussion, 10-10:45 am - online
Sa., 05.11.2022, lecture 1-4:15 pm – online
Sa., 12.11.2022, lecture 1-4:15 pm – online
Sa., 19.11.2022, lecture 1-4:15 pm – online
Sa., 26.11.2022, lecture 1-4:15 pm - online
Fr., 09.12.2022, seminar 1-4:15 pm – in presence
Sa., 10.12.2022, lecture 1-4:15 pm – in presence
Sa., 17.12.2022, lecture 1-4:15 pm - online
Fr., 13.01.2023, seminar 9 am - 4:15 pm – in presence
Sa., 14.01.2023, lecture 9 am - 4:15 pm – in presence
Sa., 28.01.2023, lecture 1-4:15 pm pm – online
Sa., 04.02.2023, exam preparation 1-4 am - online

This course will be taught in German.